Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


first you go find a torque screw driver
then you separate the inside from the outside
of the dishwasher door.

Now you clean for a while because the dw-soap
and water than has been leaking in here through
the little clippy thing...has made a hulluva mess.

Alrighti... all clean?
Good... Now there's these two little servo things
that push to unlock the clippy at the wash cycle
and another that I think has something to do with
the rinse aide. These gotta come off.

Now the impossibly complicated bit of plastic thing...
all moving parts and a spring and gunky and ...
did I mention complicated looking? Yeah... it has
bolts. Un-bolt... but one bolt can only be accessed
if you pullllllllllllllllllllllllll on this thing and ... phew, it
didn't break. Ok... un-bolt that one too.

Now remove the big plastic thing... which sounds
easy 'nuf but there's the last inch of everything that
gets goofy... must... pull... again... press that...
pull this... ahhHA!! it's off.

Now immerse in hot water.

Clean clean clean...

Remove ripped and crappy plastic seal around clippy
thing and replace with new one.
Oh... and clean that last bit by carefully unhooking
the little spring... careful... Ah... ok, no problem.

shhhlick... clink.

three inch long, half inch wide bit of clear plastic slides
from the complicated plastic thing and falls to the floor.
No idea where it came from.
Sadly... I didn't take a picture of this thing before I
started goofing around... ME!! forgets to take a picture.
Christ... I take pictures of the thing we dig out of our
bathroom sink with a coat hanger... and I forget this.

Well... I dick around with it for fifteen minutes and
miracle of miracles... I figure it out. Now comes re-assembly.

Pressssss... click, bolt, bolt...
Presssss click and attach servo things...
Torque screw driver... eight screws...
door is back together...

Check my handiwork...

Oh look... I've put the seal on upside down.
No really.
Geezus. :)

Wash, rinse and repeat.

Jobs done*

in WC peon voice. :D

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