Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ I've a ccccrick in my neck. makes me tilt to the right a bit... ouch.

~ some lame-ass posted HP spoilers in a BB6 Update thread... like she was being this big horror... hahah... the lengths some people go to...

~ speaking of HP... and thanks jenny_rambles... Here's a link to ... the entire book... chapter by chapter!!! [ :: HP and the Halfblood Prince :: ]
(one wonders how long that will last! :D)
~ I bought it... today... and we began reading tonight... a chapter a night, out loud...

~ I will remember reading to the boys as a very significant and joyous element of parenthood... unto my very last moments. :)

~ Are you a new mom? about to be a first time mom? ... go buy a cheep blanket at Wally-land, drape it over the back seats of the car... cut holes in it for the belts... and leave it there. Forever. No really...
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