Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, July 17

Well yesterday was fun... it was all about messing with cars, the kids and movies... :)

I took Z's car over to the nissan dealership... her door got a deep scratch in a parking log last winter and needs some work... a body shop quoted us over 800 to fix it... (fuck!!!) so, I figured I'd see what Nissan had to say... They said over 1000 ... oh my fricking fucking god... it's a ga dammmmmmed scratch... ok, it's six scratches but their all on the same door!!! That's fricking insane... So... now I'm all about learning how to repair a paint job... because I cannot possibly ... in a million years... afford 1000.00 to fix a scratch. Let's see... dremmel? check... grinder stone? check... paint? nope... where does one buy car paint?

Oh... haha... er... yeah, I also went into the service center to ask them about what it will cost to FIX THE TRUNK... it stopped opening with the remote... and even the drivers-door-button stopped working... you can only open it with the key... So, dude wanders out to the car... opens the trunk... reaches in and flips the "valet switch" and presto. d'oh!!! (big big head to palm thing... ) The hither-too unknown switch must have been flicked by something we crammed in the trunk. :D
Last night I took the kids to my moms... she was buy making... EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET THEY LIKE... home made tomato soup, breaded fried chicken, brownies, corn... :D She sure knows how to fill those boys up... :D While they were there suz and I went looking at houses... (don't ask) and then to a lovely fancy spancy dinner... and then the movies... We say War Of The Worlds... (scary movie... but man, I wanted to kill Tom Cruise pretty well the whole way through the flick) and then ... just because we could... we walked into the beginning of Bewitched... :) Honestly, I kinda liked Bewitched. It was cute. And Nicole Kidman simply NEVER fails to make me a little light headed. :D We spent an hour at my folks after that talking and goofing around then came home to a major crashout. :)

~ red stripee ftls
~ old blue jeans
~ p-z t. :)
~ wake up... relax on sofa and watch BB6 tape
~ cook...
~ clean...
~ find more time to relax...
~ maybe visit my brother...
~ dinner? No plans... but i should make some... maybe make chinese?
~ write up about bb6
~ watch Charlie Jade from last night... (somehow I blew last weeks episode tape and I can't find it in "torrent" land... so I'm gonna be a bit lost)
~ to wave at hakuai and her picture posty sunday. :D
~ that I get to listen to wolfiegirl's radio show pod-casts
~ a wee bit of good luck on the home hunting for stephaniekaye

// Man dies of ruptured colon after farm animal anal sex (horse) at a farm in Washington state.
Police are investigating on the chance that smaller farm animals may be also engaged in sexual activity and that could be considered cruelty to animals... but otherwise... well, apparently sex with farm animals is not against the law.
Issues: almost none... Darwinism at it's rocket scientist best here... except... how do these people ... (apparently the farm is a "hot spot" for farm animal sex) live with themselves?

/ there is a line... between tolerance and frustration that is god damned razor sharp.!!
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