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Big Brother 6 Update!!

Big Brother 6 Update!!

Say Sailor... is that a Ten Gallon Hat on your lap?

Where in... the gayness factor of Big Brother takes a dainty leap and a bound... with cross dressing, gay porn, and a little black gay man that thinks he's on a mission. Mini-Vin, the four foot fire captain cries, then continues to look guilty of ... everything and the Head Chick becomes omnipotent... not to mention sneaky.

Loser say what?
(aka “The show in exactly 228 words”)

It's all about Howie, his bum and how comfortable he is wearing women’s under-things... until he decides to tell Beau that he thinks he has a cute little physique. Then it's all about Belle talking about not wanting to ride Howie's tower-of-power... because his mom would be mad. Rachel outs herself with a laugh and we have to put up with Mini-Vin getting weepy, 9-11'ing, and dangerously doubling-up in alliance land. Big Bro leads Rachel on a hunt for a secret bedroom. She finds it and the keys to the hot-tub... so now it gets icky. Ashlea is being a pussy with worry over being judged!? You know this is a tv thing, right? And Kaysar, with his dorky hat, thinks he's Bogart... his black-on-black-with-black dress code and eight-ounce eyebrows was just screaming "infidels!!", so good deal with the hat... moron. They play a game of "untangle the massive rope" tied in pairs to a rope maze thing. There’s fuzzy video over Ashlea's thong strap, more Ashlea tears, and Mini-Vin splayed out like he spent Christmas surfing at Phuket beach and Rachel, holding the POV. She becomes ... Super Rachel. Meanwhile, Jenny is masturbating behind locked doors in the HOH and even though Super Rachel was gonna go postal after she caught her, she held the veto and left Ashlea-The-Weeper and Kayzan I-blow-up-your-house swinging in the night air.

Fav Quote
Howie (failed clone of Hasslehoff?): "Hey Beau... with your experience and yer expertise, is there anyone else in the house that's lezbonic or gay?" And he's almost the oldest house guest. !!!! Geezus. Oh, and Rachel clearly burst out in the first and very genuine laugh after that one... therefore she is gay... or is that "lezbonic"? :)

Most Memorable Moment
Belle, standing up against the wall, outside, bathed in sunlight... Howie, sitting on the end of a bench-press in front of him, not only undressing Beau with his eyes, but licking his lips, as he says "you've got a nice little physique on ya". Holy gay porn batman! hahaha...

Rachel, following the clues and being BB's little mouse, follows the scent of cheese until she's got the key to the hot tub and knows the secret location of another bedroom... (false wall, door thing behind a dresser in the bedroom, kinda cool yo!)... and what does she do? Admits that she did the treasure hunt alone and hands over the goods. I dunno, but I can think of a million better ways to play that and every one of them involves lying. Then, when she wins Veto and catches little miss flush (jenny) emerging from the bathroom after locking Rachel of the HOH. She goes psycho angry bitch and says she's gonna remove Ashlea, put up Jenny and wants everyone’s support. hmm... angry much? That'll scare the others.
I'm noting that Ivette seems to have saved Jenny’s ass by calming Rachel down (she didn't use the veto)... leading me to think they're a pair.

Darwin's Dessert
Dear Ashlea... if you're all weepy and panicked by the high school mentality after the first week... there is no way you'll last in this game.

The winner…
gah... no idea yet... James looks like he's the little net savvy plotting fan of the show... and it'd be nice if that role (there's one in every season) won, but I'm still guessing that April will win.

Two things...
~ We find out who the pairs are on Thursday night... :D
~ Beau is so unbelievably full of himself ... I can't understand why he doesn't throw himself up?

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