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Friday, July 8

Wow... cool air... cloudy (but who cares?) It was just gooooooorgeous outside this morning. Wake up... breath beautiful fresh (the windows are open) air... That and the camping trip have been doing wonders for my cold... (die air conditioning... die!!!). Geo woke up to sneak a hug and kiss before I left today... and Z was even awake for a good bye moment. :D Edward, of course, was cruising dream boulevard. :D

And ... the girls at the starbucks window gave me a free cookie... :D White Chocolate Key Lime Cookie... (oh my god!!! :D :D :D)

so yeah,... a nice start to a friday.

~ green ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: and the friday picture... :: ]
~ a red p-z golf shirt... so basically, I'm a mannequin in a window at "mark's work world" (they sell a lot of p-z stuff)
~ and if you're really bored... you can watch and listen to me say hi with the [ :: friday video moment... hahaha!!! (dip alert!!!) :: ]
~ busy afternoon!!! no really... one long ass meeting from 1:00 to 4:30 to talk about my last report to the client boss... a whole fricking committee... sheesh... :D
~ write something about BB6 from last night... and try not to burst out laughing every ten seconds when I'm writing it...
~ hug my kids... oh my god they are so flipping adorable I could just explode... you should'a seen them sleeping this morning... sigh...
~ to pinch my darling z and remind her that she's ... simply the best!
~ that I could chase Daisy er... I mean nbbmom around the studio...
~ to remind a friend... misspish... that she really is a good woman and I have great respect for you and your gig with Rob! :)
~ for a chance to, some day, share some air with misskris... and I really do promise to send some ketchup chips along for dude!! :D
~ that musicalcolors... remembers to be careful... always careful. :D
~ with all my heart that my friend and virtual brother... Ayoub... aka knightsdawn and his family are ok... (they live in London).

Ok... Let me start with a quote George W. Bush from the G8 yesterday...
"This is... uh... the war on terror goes on!"
Cool... so the war on the noun rages onward...
I swear, if a dozen eggs hit him seconds after he said that... I bet the entire G8 security detail would have begun to clap.
Dear Global Terrorist Community:
Clearly you all did not get my memorandum.
The action is in Iraq.
You all are 'sposed to be lining up in the desert with
Makmood and his buddies so my soldiers can shoot
you dead.
This bombing stuff in England... I mean... seriously
guys, you are sooooo far away from where I 'splained
you should be it's just silly.
Now 'nuf of that and hurry back to the desert...
I got a few more bullets for all'ya'all.
Your's truly

Yessireee... sure looks to me like the War On A Noun is having a few problems.
A hundred thousand dead muslim's in the desert yet they still have the audacity to
"bring it" in London.

If there is any lesson to be learned here... I propose that it's got something to do with the notion that global community of terrorists are not on a pilgrimage to where ever the hell George has his "War on Terror" storm troopers posted.

George Palpetine Bush has got you so wrapped around his finger ... it's making me sick!

Dear Everybody...
Muslims... hmm... yeah, like that terrifying rug-kneeler Timothy McVie... or those horrifying Spanish Muslims...
How many times does the media have to be wrong about who did the blowing up before they stop just assuming it's "muslims".
Was McVie a christian? Did the media want to know why chirstians were waging war on Oklahoma after he blew up that building?
Dudes!@#$%@!!! It's a bunch of fucking psycho bastard terrorists... they have an agenda and it has nothing do with being Muslim.

Can you just see Bob Geldoff... screaming his head off about "those rat bastards taking the spot light off African poverty..."
Sir Bob... good cause bro, but these guys blew up a double decker bus... You're old news. Or are you just old?
Don't you just fucking hate Thursdays... oh wait... It's mondays you hate... never mind.

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