Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So, I'm off on a few errands.
Canadian Tire, Walmart, Loblaws... oh joy.
First stop... Blockbuster to return a dvd... and
right next door is a MacIntosh and Watts
MW's is a shi-shi-poo-poo store that sells flatwear, crystal, figurines... and china.
Our "pattern" is called "cinnabar" or some spelling close to that... from Royal Dalton Wedding prezzi's and stuff we've bought over the years.
A cereal bowl... cracked. You wouldn't know to look at it...
but if you bonk it on the table gently... it makes a not-perfect sound.
(versus an uncracked bowl, makes this "perfect" sound... it's a kinda test of china)
It would leak... it would ultimately break... so it was in a zip lock, in the car, waiting for me to remember to go to Mac and Watts.

Any ways....

I bring it in... Mac & W's is notorious for having two sales ladies with
horn rimmed glasses suspended by long silver neck chains, that must
be held up to the eyes in order to do... pretty much anything. :)

Lady number one greets and I e'splain myself... and my bowl.
Lady number two breezes past and says... "how old is your bowl?"
... and she performs "perfection test" ...
I pause... hmmm 2 years... yes, I added bowls a couple of years ago.

And then I immediately begin calculating in my head and realize that er...
I bought the pasta bowls 2 years ago... not the cereal bowls...
they're 12 years old...

While I'm busy thinking that...
She is busy saying...
"well that's fine.. Royal Daulton has a two year guarantee"
... and she walks to the shelf and grabs me a new bowl.

I say "thank you very much" and leave with my bowl.

On the one hand... Score!!
On the other... I lied.

Time to go wash that "other hand".
I got the bowl replaced.

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