Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 29

So the boys brought home their report cards yesterday... Geo is in grade four and his report is ... well, basically straight As. Math was all A-'s and there was a B somewhere... This boggles my mind. He works so hard and is so challenged by the process of his education but he really delivers. His "good boy" end-of-school gift is letting him have a paid account at for the summer. (You cannot imagine how excited he is about that...). Edward is in grade 1 and things are a little more flight-of-the-bumblebee in grade one... his report was a solid group of B's but I have no real idea how reflective that is of the year. Still and all... I am well and truly impressed with my boys. They've sure earned their summer vacation.

Speaking of summer vacations... we go camping next week... then at the end of july ... it's a trip to Cape Cod... and then there's more camping... oh and summer camp for the boys... (Geo elected to go to Horse Riding camp... hahaha... he's just soooo little compared to an actual horse... :D)

It's still hot like all seven layers of hell outside but I noticed a wee bit of wind as I got to work... This freaking heat and humidity has got to let up soon... day after day of mid 40's weather is just sucking the life out of everyone and all the required AC is killing me... (do you remember me saying... "Here comes the AC... and Here comes a cold" and here I am... sigh)

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ a white t and a light blue new nice dress shirt... and no frigg'en tie.
~ (although I have my maroon dress shirt and a tie in a bag here in case I needed it for the presentation.)
~ struggle out of bed... take a pill... and start convincing myself I'm well enough to go to work.
~ make the LAST school lunches of the year... (LAST day of school)
~ make my lunch... and include some protein!! :D (hi jojo... )
~ get to work... dive into a meeting from 9:-10, then do my big honking presentation at 10:00 ... (it went fine! :D)
~ sort out paperwork on deliverable number 2
~ present deliverable number 1 to client boss at 2:15.
~ home as early as I can... blowing off soccer practice and driving to Arnprior for a 7:00 meeting with a kitchen designer.
~ back from that... and I'm betting I'll feel like death... so straight to bed.
~ I felt a whole lot better!
~ that all of my friends would join me in a moment of serious wish'en for all things to be going well for catherine... she is supposed to have delivered her babies yesterday.
~ to send a few good vibes out to acoolsecretary... just 'cuz...
~ and sending all kinds of healing thoughts to my friend bratt72...

/// So here's the thing... If I ... or anyone for that matter... say's a word against organized religion ... I'm some kind of blasphemer and horrid because I don't agree with the church or the teachings of the church etc. etc. etc... but the church and it's leadership can say negative things about people like me... all the time... and nobody says shit about that. I mean, I have no problem with religious groups wanting to have a voice in social agendas, but to say that wanting to endorse an agenda that is NOT the churches agenda is equal to "moral decay" is just ridiculous. Religion is part of our society... it is not THE SOCIETY. From grooming religious candidates to run for political offices (and I'm talking grooming from childhood) to trying to set a national agenda based on one religions doctrine... personally, it makes me barf in my mouth a bit.

The example, of course, is the same sex marriage issue in Canada. The legislation that was just passed in parliament makes clear allowance for any church to refuse to participate in a same sex service if doing so is in conflict with their beliefs. Ok... so now the issue is how allowing gay canadians to marry will what? "water down the institution of marriage" is the nicest way of saying what the church leaders keep saying... but more often than not you hear that it will "push Canada down the slopes of moral decay and decadence..." Hm... sounds a whole like the way the clan talked about the impact of allowing blacks to sit at the front of the bus. Is that what the problem is? Is it that the catholics are all bigots and homophobes? Because I hadn't thought they were... but their leaders are telling anyone who will listen that being afforded the right to protect their own belief system is not good enough. No... they have to control what everyone else thinks... and the best part is that they feel this way because we all need to be protected from the moral decay that will result from allowing gay and lesbian couples to assign one another their assets upon their death... that their partners spouses are entitled to their family medical benefits let alone pensions, etc... and that they don't want to be called "second class partnership's" by adopting some strange pet name instead of a "marriage" to define their relationships.

The same sex marriage issue has accomplished two things in my world. It has made me aware of just how bigoted and exclusionary the Conservative Party of Canada is... and has reaffirmed my utter contempt for organized religion. Why otherwise intelligent people continue to give their money to that ridiculous organization is completely beyond me.


/ You don't need anyone to tell you how to love.
This is information that lives within you.
What you do need... is for people to leave you alone and let you express yourself.

... K ... work work work.

psst... has anyone told you that they love you lately?
would you mind if I loved you for a bit?
I wont make a big deal about it... and I wont ask for anything.
I just want to express myself... and answer the question...
"where is the love?"
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