Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

busy day ... for a sick guy.

besides becoming dehydrated with all the nose blowing...
I managed to get the slides ("deck" as the sales geeks call it) done for tomorrows show.
A corner of the basement that has hosted all the computer parts from the two computers I grandfathered at xmas when we upgraded.
Bits have been pulled away to solve problems with one of my 'rents computers, the kids computer.
What's left was 'nuf to re-build a decent system. (basement... very nice and cool down there... :D)
This included dissassembling everything ... ps, case components... everything... and vacuuming it all out... man, dust is some evil stuff.
I think I'll try a FC3 on it...

Dinner... bbq burgers and cornonthecob!
and several hundred million kleenexes...

I think I'll go and faint on my sofa...
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