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Tuesday, June 28

yeah... that's me... the dead guy.

~ red stripee ftls
~ khaki shorts
~ p-z shirt
~ elevendy pounds of snot trying to get out...
~ to blow my now on-fire nose a few million times
~ working on a presentation for the boss... sigh... has to be ready before days end... and I present it tomorrow... ahhhhhhhhhh!
~ not dying...
~ well you know... that I didn't have a cold yo.
~ that I could keep my head up without it feeling like 2 ton weight...
~ that things are ok with sugar catherine and her little babies-in-the-making...
~ for a little sunshine to find my friend pixiecup...
~ that easilydistractd finds the little thin film under the shell and peels it with that...
~ to send a few squeezes out to sin_da_rella hahaha... (sorry... couldn't help it). :D

/// so twelve years of insurgency to be beaten back is on the
menu for the men and women serving in the US armed forces.
wtf? How is it that everyone is just "ok" with the idea that
Georgie Boy thinks the entire planet of terrorists are going
to make their way to Iraq so he can kick their asses? I mean...
"We're here until we've beaten this thing... we'll win the war
on terror." omfg what an idiot!!! What will America have won
after fighting for how-ever-many-years against the "insurgency"???
I have laboured under the impression that the notion of war
included a goal... something that you fight for and if you win
the war... you got your "something" and if you lose the war...
you didn't get your "something". What the heck is going on in
Iraq? What is America's "something"? Is there some weird,
insane, crazed, befuddled notion that the "war on terror"*
can be won just by killing everyone that shows up in Iraq
with a gun to say "piss off and go home"????

// all the rhetoric on same sex marriage is bursting out again.
It's like ... the people in power (politicians and religious leaders),
go completely blah... all their brains leak out and they morph into
some kind of weird zombie-of-hetero-ness when this topic comes up.
Canada is poised to pass a political vote making same-sex marriages
the "law" ... Our Supreme court has already given it the nod... so this
is, in theory, the last bit.
So, of course, now we are being bombarded with all the misdirection
from the right. Get a clue!!! Same Sex Marriage is all about equal
treatment under the law for all canadians. Our property laws, tax laws,
estate laws, and social entitlements all discriminate against a couple if
they are the same sex and that's gotta stop.
We (the country) don't need a new class name... a special term or a new category.
How about if we made a special sub-class for all men that were balding.
"Oh sure... well look... you choose to be bald... you damn well have to take what you get... Baldy"

Maybe the Conservatives and Religious leaders need to be force fed that
cartoon from forever ago about the kid with the round head in the village
of pointy-headed people... hmmm?

We are all the same.

None of us is entitled to judge the value or form of love.
And there is no such an animal as a lower class of canadian.
Hence we have the Charter of Rights of Freedoms.

/ Dear Mr. Steven Homophobic Harper...
Get the fuck over yourself.

* a war against a noun... ya right!
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