Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 27

sunshine and blue sky... temperatures in the early 30's but ... because the weather people are all idiots, we get to say, and with the humidex, it'll feel like the 40's.

~ gray ftls
~ green dockers
~ white undershirt and a new short sleeve dress shirt that suz got me... she got me three... I couldn't be happier... ( me + new clothes = big happy)
~ up at 6:00... ready for landscaper dude to visit at 7:00... and he's a no-show.
~ b-b-busy day of trying to get this report sorted out for work.
~ starting next phase of project...
~ not getting any sicker... shhhh though, I'm not telling anyone that I'm sick. (ug!)
~ I could swallow.
~ that Lisa... my lady-of-fire, learns to be patient...
~ and to congratulate Joshua!! (the adorable sprout of tonya) on his recent advent to the land of mobility... a-crawling-he-will-go... :)
~ to send a welcome home wave out to twilightsm
~ and a welcome back high five to knightsdawn... :)

I'm feeling altogether numb... cold and sinus meds at bed time...
Awake and bopping around at 6:00 (ick!)
... and a nasty burn in the back of my throat...
... anyone wanna kiss me? ar ar ar.

If you're like me... then you too are thinking... there really hasn't been enough pictures from Meave's wedding. :)

Same sex marriage is gonna be debated in the house of commons ... today or tomorrow.
The conservatives (read: Steven the Phobe Harper and his band of merry alarmists slash head-in-sanders) have threatened to call 80 speakers on the subject...
The idea there is to force debate for... ages and ages... until there's too few of the Liberals in their seats to pass the vote...
Then miraculously, the debates would end and the conservatives would call a vote.
Now... given the Conservatives performance in managing their seats and votes ... this will never work.
Why? Because Steven Harper is a fricking idiot... that's why.
In fact... he screwed up so badly last week that there's a good chance the "talk forever" strategy will fail.
So... the supreme court has ruled that same sex marriages are lawful...
Now I'm expecting parliament will rule that way as well.
The question will then be...
How loud can the church bark when it wants to act like the sheep dog it really is?

Time to go. :D
Have a great Monday... such as it is... being a monday and all.

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