Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 26

Ok, so yesterday was a full day!
There was a geek repair moment at my 'rents house... after taking apart and de-dust-ifying a power supply from the basement to replace a dead one in my dads desktop...
There was swimming at the my SIL's house... (nice)
The storm... big storm... power failures, branches blowing off trees, etc...
Working on a D&D module (making maps and stuff)...
Suz and I had a "date night"... and we went to see Bewitched but decided to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith instead... (and see Bewitched with the kids another day).
The Smiths... fun movie.
Oh, and we watched a couple of epi's of Sopranos rather late at night... man that show is a bit of a downer... ("bit" - VVVVVast understatement). I spend my time wishing that someone would step out of the shadows and kill... basically everyone... but then that would make for a boring show... what with everyone dead and all... Maybe if they just had someone kill Tony's @unt of a sister... that would be nice... (shhh... I didn't really say that... it was your imagination!)

~ well... I was in pj pants and a t, but...
~ I've since had a shower and now... shorts and a t, and a lot less hair... :)
~ um... shaving type hair...
~ ALTHOUGH... I am seriously entertaining a "shave the head" thing... number 7?
~ sadly, a bunch of work... I want to get something finished for work before tomorrow starts... (b-b-b-b-busy week ahead)
~ wave pool swimming at 1:30 with Geo...
~ bbg for dinner... hot dogs and and and ... um?
~ watch Charlie Jade tonight...
~ good hunting on Monday for willedit... enjoy your new ride! :)
~ some heartfelt wishes for designergirl and her friends... just 'cuz...
~ canuckgirl... go you!

/// A wee bit of TMI... but you know... it's sunday... what the heck. :D
So you see... yesteday was busy... eating took a back seat to rushing about. In the end, I ate things but generally... my tummy was about as disgruntled with me as it could be by the time Angelina Jole was dressed in vinyl and smacking some guy with a riding crop... You know when you get those grumblies in your tumbly? yeah, forget those... I'm talking long slow grrrrr noises with the odd gurgle. I continued my movie theater induced mania about eating popcorn and chased it down with coke and when the movie ended... I was the guy bee-lining it for the 21st century cans at the AMC. It's automagical in there, right... turn away from the piss'er and it flushes, waggle your hands around in the sink, and the water turns on, and... according to the brochure, when you leave the poophouse... it flushes too. So I look into the nominally darkened interiors of four choices (one with handles and three without) I get to see four bowls sporting the neon junkfood inspired yellow tell tale signs of previous visitors. None have magically flushed. So I pick one and put my foot over the sensors behind the seat and count to five. I remove my foot, step out of the laser line of sight (I know I know...) and ... nothing. I try again, but this time, I get a glorious gggggggrrrrrrraaaggggg noise from my tummy to accompany my fruitless attempt to induce a flush. Fine. In, turn, lock, and drop 'em. It's sitt'en time and there's no stoppen.
- insert write your answers now music from any gameshow -
I enjoy a gang of good and seriously long windy moments... peppered with a gattling gun kinda stuckatto thing (hey, I warned ya) but in the end... my tummy was still displeased. So I bend forward... arms crossed over my tummy cramp and make ready to get red ears from pushing.
And if flushes.
Lordy lordy... a startlingly loud noise, and v-v-v-very cold water splashing up on your puckered ass is not the way to get closure with the tummy troubles. sigh.
After a moment, I brace for attempt number two and ridiculously, it culminates in me grunting a forward lean again...
And if flushes... again... with all the splash'en and stuff... key-riste!!
I actually burst out laughing.
It echos in that little room.
There were loads of people in the washroom.

// I'm all about awareness of the problems facing the third, and conveniently forgotten, world. I believe charity is a civic duty and not a social afterthought. However, I also think that Bob Geldoff looks like he died of an overdose eight months ago and somebody forgot to tell his publicist.

/ Dear Steven Harper... hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
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