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Another Survivor Update

Time to milk it a bit eh...

So,... what the heck was that?
Besides getting to hear Cheese Boi snore, look at Scari's gums in the night vision camera shots, hear a fair Fiona Apple impersonation (scari) and watch Marilyn and Chef PIerre lead Kel to the Slaughter... there really wasn't much of the "never before seen scenes" last night.

You'd think with all the outtakes on the cutting room floors at CBS to pick from, they could have found a few seconds of Nick, Mr. Totally-Useless actually doing something... but nooooooooo!

I was reminded that it is utterly beyond me why that tom-tom didn't get fricken hacked up 15 seconds after the first time Scari pulled it out of her pack...

Now, as Z so aptly pointed out, if we had actually missed one of the shows, there is now way they would have had this full hour long review on whtat has happened to date.

No, not much happened there... about the only salient point made in this show was made in the final few seconds of footage when they reminded us that old tribal alliances are far less important now than how you look to the jury members... evil and stupid are not going to win you any points now. Hence my belief that neither Scari nor Mr. Totally-Useless will win.

(Mr. Totally-Useless's theme song...)

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