Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

k... there was this saint...
from what I've read... ever so long ago, there are rules about becoming a saint and they include being seen in two places at the same time.
crazy christians...

Any ways... there was this saint.
I think he was the patron saint of french guys going to the cottage...

Name was Jean... and that's j*aw*n, not "Jeeeeeeeeen".
Jean Da Baptist.
Saint Jean Baptist.

so... the french guys here in da snowy nort gone and named a whole day after de guy.
Two places at once? dude... I can totally understand the getting his own day thing!

That day... by da way... is tomorrow!
My current gig is all about work'en at a big ass gov complex in La Belle Provance... The province that hosts a political party that is dedicated to making it La Belle Country... and then, shortly after that... La Belle ... er... The Nice Fifty First State.

So, like I was say'en... he's got his day and that means all the french guys get to drive to the cottage tomorrow.
And the english consultants get to ...

Well... go to the kids school as a "parent volunteer" to go with, on a field trip thing to an old folks home and then *gasp* ... the theater to see Madegascar.
Theater Cool... Outside tomorrow Hot.

Happy Drive To Da Cottage Day St Jean Baptist day... or whatever it's called.

(oh, and ... ni ni...)
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