Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, June 23

(sorry about that picture... feel free to smack a pie into it... :D I was in a wee rush and ... obviously a bit sucky... :D haha)

hands down... it's a day designed by gods that get regular and satisfying sex... it's just gorgeous out there and, of course, I'm locked in cube land, nose to keyboard all day!

I was in a cool space this morning... Suz and I were talking last night about how quickly they are growing up... how long we have before this phase of our lives turns into memories. And then there I was... eating my cereal with a banana chopped up on it... Edward chowing away at his bowl of Rice Crispies (his fav) and Geo working his way through a couple of chocolate chip eggos. Lilo and Stitch (the half hour cartoon) was on pause in the family room, and coffee was burbling away in the corner of the kitchen... and I felt myself clearing away some space to store the moment ... forever.

Your life is really just the collection of the many lives you live the sun rises and sets. The one with children... the "family" you heard about, talked about, and thought about as you grew up imagining your future... is only a small part of the life you end up living.

Don't blink... you'll miss something. :D

~ blue ftls
~ blue dockers
~ white (w/ blue stipes) tommy shirt
~ my mickey mouse tie...
~ insanity day!!!!!!!!!
~ too busy to breath. (ok, then I'd die... so maybe I'll work in a breath or two)
~ finishing the first draft of my phase 1 report...
~ soccer game at 6:15...
~ more sopranos tonight... :)
~ I had managed my time better... because then I'd be able to read some friends-pages... but alas... not today!
~ so let me make todays wishes be all about Team Time Bomb.
~ may all the mommies-to-be... and mommies coming back for repeat performances... hold their health and spirit as the days slip away and you draw ever closer to the moments you will never escape. Take pictures of your belli... save the pictures for you to see when your babies grow up... and remember that your partner worries about different things than you do... so don't let the notion that they are not totally in sync with you put you off. Most likely he or she is worried about you... while you worry about your baby.

// H5N1 : how come you're not afraid of that? You should be.

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