Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sopranos... Season 5... disk one... episodes 1, 2 and 3.

Doctors recommend not watching more than two consecutive hours of Sopranos.
~ and where's that doctor now? he's swimm'en with da fishes...


When you work with young boys ... you want to be supportive.
Turn criticisms into growth opportunities,
and remember that compliments go a long way....

So when you do some assistant coaching with the soccer team...
... you must not bitch out the kids who drive you nutz...
... so... you get it out in your journal. :D

T... you little snot... stop spitting everywhere... your spray is hitting ... EVERYONE.
And no, I don't care if your dads the coach, you're still a little snot and next time you spit, I'm picking it up and shoving it back down your throat.

K... time for bed time rituals with the kiddos. :)

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