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More screeching from below the bleachers...*

I know I was all thongy-bottoms yesterday...
and I just want to say, this is not a pattern,
however I did want to mention this other
"women and their bums" related thing.

(and this is ganked a wee bit from a couple of
Brits on a fashion tv show we saw a while ago.... )

Just because you've left school or had a baby
or put a ring on or whatever...
Thats no excuse to wear clothing that makes
you have a three foot tall ass.
Your bum begins at the top of your ass crack
and ends where your leg begins.
Your ribs ... Not bum.
Your thigh... Not bum!!!

If you put on a pair of jeans... and you can pull 'em
up to the point where the belt loops tickle your ribs...
You have the wrong sort of jeans on.
On this issue there can be no debate.

"Oh but my tummy kinda shows when I wear jeans that
end at the proper spot below my bellybutton."
Listen... that tummy thing ... is much cuter that a three
foot ass. I promise. No really... promise.

ps. tapering the shape of pants down as they approach
your feet... DIED with flock-of-sea-gulls hair styles... mmmk?

(I know... I still suck... sorry. :D)

* I can actually remember, in high school, going "under"
the bleechers, when there was a game on, specifically
so we could look at bums. :)
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