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Friday, June 17

Rain... just lots and lots of rain... and cold... well, cool, but that sounds like it's Fonzy outside and ... that's not what I'm talking about. It's brrrr. !! :D

I've still not seen the movie of the Hitchhikers Guide... and despite the negative reviews... I know I will love it... just because it will be fun to see any of the ideas from the book represented. One of my fav elements of that story... is the concept of the Towel... "So-and-so really knows where his towels at." It is only marginally defined in the book ... but that's ok. It's more fun to just interpret it. I take the question "Do you know where your towel is? " to mean something like... "have you got your shit together" but it avoids saying "shit" and sounds a little bit trippy versus confrontational.

And on a related note... I really want to hurry up and get new bath towels. We've been living with the bath towels we got when we got married and dude... it's time.
It's a lot like underwear. I mean, womens underthings can be pricey... hell, a good bra is gonna be like $50. For that money a guy can buy a lifetime supply of underwear.
There's some advice built into this... Guys should really elect to... or be forced to... just totally purge the underwear drawer. Just scoop it all up and chuck it out. Go buy five three-packs of new underwear.... you know... 15$ worth... haha...

Not bad eh... going from Douglas Adams to buying new underwear... it's an art form. :) lol....
(ok fine... I'll stop)

~ dk blue ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: that really need to fit better... :: ]
~ gray t and a strange gray kinda overshirt thing... :)
~ well... a normal day was in the plan... but...
~ go to kids bus stop with the boys to ask the bus driver is she "really allows the kids to use water sprayers on the bus" or if Geo is getting a little bit of a story wrong. (LOL!!!)
~ drive to kids school to bring Geo the "monk costume" he needs for "middle ages day" that he only remembered he needed... when he was standing at the bus stop... sigh.
~ drive home again to get my forgotten cell phone...
~ ah... work... meeting meeting meeting... and ? well now it's now.
~ later? write more of a report...
~ leave a bit early to get THE WHOLE FAMILY TO THE BYC (britania yacht club) for the 50th anniversary party... version: Friday...
~ later... make stuffing for the Turkeys going in the over tomorrow morning... for the 50th anniversary party... version: Saturday. :D
~ sleep at some point... no really. :)
~ for the wisdom of her life to catch up with and guide my friend ladyfire...
~ to send out some big happy vibes to bratt72... just 'cuz...
~ that tomorrows wedding... princessblondie and her Prince Charming "Bruno"... goes wonderfully. :)
~ happy sock hunting out to horsepucky :D

Can you dig this? Sri Lanka... land of the Tsunami destructo zone... target of so much relief aid... (for example, Canadians contributed in volumes that equate to one donation for every two canadians... and that's a lot of jack!!)... Yeah, well the Sri Lankin government has been charging import tarrifs on the aid as it arrives in-country. Oxfam... bringing in 25 vehicles to assist with the rebuilding and relief... has to pay half a million pounds of tax to get the vehicles in... Why? because the government sees an opportunity to get rich off the aid foreigners contribute to the relief effort made on behalf of the people in that country. Indonesia? same problems ... diff colour... While the people most affected by the natural dissaster struggled with their grief and unbelievable loss... the government institutions 5 miles inland continued to fucntion unabated and unaffected by the dissaster. So... instead of the indonesian government hauling up the hooks and moving in with some real help... they sat back... had a coke... and watched while the world rushed in to BLOW A BUNDLE on saving their citizens.

I can see that aid is aid... and people are people... everywhere. We all deserve support and care... but you know... it's the fuckers in corrupt governments and governments that simply do not give a shit about the people that so burns my ass when the time comes to bail them out of the murky water they land in. it's like all the food aid that we deliver to countries wrapped up in civil wars... they have enough money by a mile to feed everyone... but they're too busy spending it on bullets to bother with food. So... we all end up getting the 24 hour a day guilt trip from the relief organizations to pony up and support the effort to support the citizens of those countries. How about if we just let them fight it out and deliver the aid to who ever is left when they're all done killing each other...

pretty jaded huh... ah well.
Who's fault is that?

Dear Quebec:
Please stop whining about the rest of Canada and the french-ification of everything...
until you've packaged up all the seperatists and chucked them into James Bay.
When that's all sorted out... we can talk.
Meantime... please stop being a bunch of babies.
me... the jaded one.


If you don't know how to spell yacht... you are so freaking out of luck it's crazy... you can't look it up. It's almost as bad a pseudo... (the winner of the International Worst Spelling Choice Word In The English Language competition ten years in a row)


alrighty... anything warm and fuzzy to talk about?
:) It's a friday... I'm alive... I've a healthy and happy family.
So I'm all good.
See ya.
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