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Thursday, June 9

So... Castle Day.
It's (the ever popular) pizza day at the kids school so... (does a little dance) no lunches to make... I got the boys sorted, fed myself a big brekky, made lunch, snapped the morning pic and prepared to leave with the boys to drive 'em to school. We're packing a big ass castle today and that's NOT riding on the bus ... not till he's had a chance to show it off!

Anyhoooo... as Geo ran to open the trunk, and Edward held the door... daddy held the castle aloft (like a waiter with a tray) in one hand and a coffee (just a nice kitchen mug... not a car cup) in the other... book bag over my shoulder...
K... wait... the castle is fine.. Stop that. The first line of this post would have been a page and a half of "AHHHHH" if the castle was hurt!

As I navigated through the door... Edward saw a leaf or something that got his attention. He walked away from the spring loaded door... which then closed on ... me, my coffee, and the castle. Seeing as I'd sooner chop off my nuts than drop the castle... the coffee was sacrificed. Sadly, it was introduced to the front of my white shirt... and oh-my-god-was-it-hot!!!

This would be when I started swearing. After putting down the castle... i kicked a skateboard clear across the garage. Poor kids. Geo was... scared and Edward was totally crestfallen. Daddy was some kind of pissed off. I raised my voice to him about paying attention to what he was supposed to be doing... but that message was lost... mostly because daddy was being a loud dick head. It's so damn hard to not get flipped out when something like this happens... (and no, I don't hit anybody or get in their face's... I just tell the kids, in no uncertain terms, that this was something wrong and it shouldn't happen!!) The fact that I said "Jesus Christ" really loud as my chest was set on fire... is another story. grrr...

bottom line: castle was fine, and I'm a dick sometimes.

I changed and cleaned up, then drove the boys and the castle to school. I talked to Ed a bit and got a kiss goodbye at the school... :)

~ round one...
~ dk blue ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ white button down dress shirt... (new) and a green tone tie... (I like this look)
~ round two...
~ a giant coffee stain where my shirt used to be...
~ round three
~ tri-tone green, blue, beige dress shirt
~ dk blue, almost solid, tie...
~ sigh...
~ !!!! long ass meeting this afternoon... (ug).
~ drink a fair bit of coffee...
~ burgers and corn on the cob for dinner..
~ geo soccer game tonight...
~ spend time sucking up (sweetness and light) to Edward...
~ getting to bed at 1:00 am at-the-latest!!!
~ that the mail leaves Iowa... :D (hi katie8471)
~ that [Unknown LJ tag] enjoys the pee... er... well, with only two spectators... :) (snicker).
~ that willedit's hubby enjoyed the valium...
~ for nothing but good times for mspish and the florida deal... even if Grandma's spirit follows you the whole time... :D

Mr. Grewel is the federal Conservative that pulled off his little sting of the Liberals by taping the conversations where he tried to snag a posting for him and his fed wife if they'd sell their parliament vote. Ok... so his first mistake was not fully releasing the tapes... because his hesitancy can and has been interpreted to mean that he's hiding something. Then the tapes are reviewed and... surprise... there's been Nixon'esque editing... They may be valid ... but dude is sure making them look dubious. Then the guy is snagged at an airport trying to get someone to carry a package across the country on a flight... ahahahaha... um... yeah right... Stamp that boy with a giant L please.
But wait... then he books off life on "stress leave"... Poor baby...
Oh, more? Yeah... headlines today are all about how he seems to have lied on his immigration papers to become a Canadian illegally.
BWwaahahahahahahahaha... Can you spell p-a-y-b-a-c-k hahahahaha I mean, who knows or cares if all his shit is real... He tried to attack and destroy an enemy (The Federal Liberals) with that tape thing... now his life has fallen apart and things are nothing but ten colours of shit. Surprise...
Full-Body-Tattoo of the word "LOSER" is definitely required here... :D

The NHL has decided to make the Zamboni an official player for all home teams... That'll fix everything...
Oh, and can someone please explain why Canada continues to eschew Lacrosse as our official sport?
Everybody knows it's hockey... I mean... you don't see Lacrosse players scattering to the four corners of the planet because Lacrosse is being locked out!

Can you see todays picture? Please, if not, can you reply and say so?
It seems that I have some kind of creeping problem with my server and weird stuff has started going wrong...
(a pox on having to rebuild that puppy!!!)

K... work beckons...
beckon beckon beckon... :)
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