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Any serious Linux or unix geeks out there? I had this really bizarre situation this past weekend. On friday night my sendmail system stopped allowing client connections (I have sendmail running on my firewall, domain server). Zebra noticed first - I use my email account for other things and a hotmail account for Lj, so of course zebra noticed first.... but I was banging away at this trying to figure what was wrong. I was tail'ing the maillog and running tests, and testing sendmail itself but nothing came up. Finally last night I noticed that the /etc/inetd.conf file had a recent (March 16) date stamp. Sure enough pop3 and imap were remarked out? Now, I'm telling you that there is no way I did that or that anybody I know with access to this system would even know how to do that... shyte I'm the only person with the root password. I've been through security logs, access logs, message logs... nothing but a couple of anon ftp's which were, in fact on the 17th not the 16th.... none-the-less I removed the anonftp package.

But I am still at a loss as to how this file could have been modified.

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