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Tuesday, June 7

(forgive me... horrid picture... ack!)

Approaching the 13th hour of being headache and associated medication "free". Believe me... super good thing going on there.
I'm almost tingly, I'm in such a great mood. :D :D :D
The sun is shining... the sky is blue... It's going to be hot hot hot... but that beats dead dead dead, so ... cool beans.

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ maroon no, maroon dress shirt
~ dk blue silk tie... w/ little strange design elements that defy description.
~ eating my frozen entre type luch in my best friends office.... how? you ask... by walking there... he works in the building adjacent to the one I'm in for the summer. :) :D
~ drawing several high level flow charts to represent several "change management" processes that need to find a way to work together... fun eh?
~ go to grocery store and buy luncheon meats for the boys lunches... grrrrr!
~ tonight? building a castle gate... (ps. mixing sand, flour, black and white paint and lots of white glue... makes cool looking "masonry" elements on a castle model... ;D)
~ to thank my friend Deana... do you know lady_anandia? She's good mojo... go say hi. :D
~ that all is well for wolfiegirl's SIL ... who is having a baby today!!!
~ for the world to cut a little slack for my friend agateway

there is no good way to fight (argue) with family... but "in person" is a really good start. The impersonal elements of disconnected communication (i.e. email) sucks the nads right off heir donkey... for many reasons, not the least of which is that you end up going over and over and over the words put to you in a moment of anger... long after that anger has been replaced by remorse, regret or something more subtle. To minimize the appearance of teeth marks on your ass cheeks... take this advice... "If it's bad... say it... don't write it."

More seriously “sage advice”… if you shop for a car in a junk yard… you get a junker. So, if you find a partner in a bar…

~ first comes the report that “Iraqi police (hahahaha) arrest 700 insurgents at various checkpoints”
~ then we get to hear “road side bomb, and three suicide bombers take out various checkpoints…”
Oh yeah… The American invasion of a foreign country, the killing of over a hundred thousand of that countries citizens and the destruction of their social and economic infrastructure (except the oil pipelines) is CLEARLY making life better for those poor Iraqis. “American Resolve A’Go-Go”
Dear Mr. Bush… have you ever noticed that you’re a wee bit of a poopy head????

Bill C-38 will put to a parliamentary vote, the notion of same-sex-marriage here in Canada. If no vote is held… it’s still the Law, in that the Supreme Court has already ruled it as such… but they included a request to the government to add to their judicial decision, the voice of Canadians. Hence a bill, (C-38) has been shopped around the country and it is now coming before the house-of-commons for a vote.
Out from the woodwork crawl the many closed minds and morally self righteous to denounce the horror of this, the devils handiwork.
“Why, next thing you know… they’ll want to make a law to protect polygamists and pedophiles!”
Oh yeah… Team Menza is out in force on this one.

First of all…
The amount of money being spent on discussing this issue and time spent by our elected officials flipping out about it… is shameful in the extreme! Like women getting the vote, like black being no different… like young not equaling stupid… so too will Love Knows No Politics become a truth that ultimately wins out. Stop pissing and whining about it and move on to acceptance… sweet mercy… it’s not like a bunch of pencils voting a hard line of intolerance is going to actually stop the tide of truth and love.
Fools and their votes are so seldom parted.

Second of all…
It continues to speak volumes about the individuals and the institutions (be they governments or otherwise) that wear their intolerance on their sleeves for all to see. They may feel righteously indignant today… but they are achieving nothing that will not be undone by the enlightened many that stand to inherit the world.

And Third … and most importantly…
How pathetic and sickening is it that such debate as this rages on while… for example, thousands of men, women and children DIE EVER SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR in Africa because the world cannot get their collective shit together and provide reasonable medical services to our brothers and sisters.


Alrighti then… I think I’m done for now. :D hahaha…
Talk to you later. :D
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