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103. wow... so I try the other ear... 102.5 Yuppers... Today starts off with a bang... Geo has a fever, Ed has a runny goopy sloppy nose, I feel like I should be dead and thankfully, Zebra is healthy as a horse. Must be either the flu shot she got this year or that and all the sleep she's been getting.
Tempra and a 'tepid' cloth for the fever boi and Tylenol cold caps for daddy and I'm off to work.
~ big turtle neck , black boxers, dark pants, D&G and of course, dem shoes...
~ another half day at a clients site
~ to check spydar for new music downloads
~ i got up an hour earlier today...
~ somebody would offer to pay me for sitting at home and reading journals... :D
~ there was some way to properly express my appreciation to my Lj buds that circled the wagons and made me feel very supported and confident during a recent goofy episode. you guys rawk.
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