Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 6

gah... I woke up in agony... head throbbing, neck muscles locked, sinus's felt like they were made of cement... I found extra strength advil and went back to bed till half past 8... while suz handled all things kid related. She was seriously down the path to Monday house chores by the time I struggled out of the house. Fucking headaches are driving me wonky. I've been on advil since the middle of the night on Saturday... and, honestly... I end up needing one or two of them ... far too often.
Diet, Rest, Drugs, and Exercise... each a potential contributor to the headache zone. I have to sort those out before I go mental.

Ok... enough about me...
er... no scrap that... it's all about me. :)

Sunny... with the promise of T-Storms... (yeah, ssssssssure... you've been saying that for three days now) and hot... 31 degrees outside or some combination of hot and cold on the inside of this concrete tower. The drive home will be ... hot stuff.

~ blue ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ new tree tone, tending towards green, shirt... and a tie that only sorta goes... I need NEEEEEEED a new tie or two...
~ transitioning a bunch of info to a new guy that working with me on this contract...
~ focusing on not-having-a-headache...
~ something relaxing tonight... dammit...
~ to send several hopeful wishes out to princessblondie as her wedding day approaches... :)
~ some magic would land on misskris's door step... sheesh sugar... I wish ... I wish...
~ for the strength pixiecup knows is inside to work it's way to the surface.

Small, untouched, brass or steel screws...
unused from whatever project today held,
collect in the change tray.
They sit with the unusable pennies,
little notes I write myself and ...
other little, perfect, screws.
Eventually, the change area collects so many
discarded bits of paper... flotsam and jetsam
of days and their endings...
that the space needs cleaning.
For me... it's a chore.
Doing it with the kids... a joy.
There will be harsh words if there is an uneven number of perfect screws.

Pentagon sources released documents today,
outlining with dates and locations every instance
of an american service man or womans use of the
name Allah when such use could have been construed
as threatening or demeaning. A military ethics adviser
has asked the defense department to consider providing
a comprehensive report on the instances where service
personnel have said jesus fuck (or any derivative...
i.e. "jesus fucking christ", or "sweet jesus fuck and spit")...
just to give equal time and offset any suggestion of favouritism between religions. ;)


k... time to go. :)
See ya.
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