Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Edward... aka The Captain of Industry,
Set up the Lemonade stand this morning.
25 cents gets you a six oz cup, with ice, of pink lemonade.
and you get a free fan with your drink

Well every one, from the east indian customers of our front door neighbor that runs an ethnic estitician thing in her basement*... to the gaggles of young teens from down the street... were lining up for lemonade. He had to close shop for lunch after three cans of frozen concentrate lemonade turned into a little piggy bank of quarters. The deal was that half of what he made, matched double by dad, was going to the CNIB (it's the charity I collect for) and then mom will match what he has left over for him to share with Geo in the piggy banks. Fun math there.

I job jar'ed in the kitchen...
removing old builders ugly globe light,
[ :: leaving a hole... :: ]
[ :: that I filled with a new kitchen ceiling light. :D :: ]

... now we start getting ready for soccer.

*dude... the vast quantities of hair on the little wax strips must be... awsome... considering you see several sasquatches a week enter the pit-of-rip.
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