Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 5

Sadly, this morning was "Hey dad ... wake up" at 7:55... and I kinda went to bed... late!
sigh... I'm a way WAY tired boy...

So yesterday was a special kind of bliss.... :D :D I l-l-l-l-l-loved yesterday....

I spent the whole day... aside from various moments of play with the boys, or cleaning something... focused on making dinner. :D
We were having my folks and Suz's mom over for dinner and I decided to make a chinese dinner thing.
[ :: the cook zone, at the '10 minutes to' mark... :: ]

See I had this whole plan [ :: as can be seen in this high tech, professional cooking schedule :: ]
Some things had to "start" at quarter-to, others at ten-to, and yet others... at five-to. :) Everything was ready at half past.
We had, white rice, fried rice, spicy chicken with yellow peppers, sweet chicken with noodles and beans, bbq beef with broccoli, and shrimp with green peppers. Ohmyfrickinggod it was good. :) We ate outside on the porch table... the big round table we bought last summer... (actually visible from space!!!!... as a dot in our backyard using the google satellite image of our house)

It was super warm yesterday... and while it's supposed to rain later today (Ed's soccer is today!!! and it's our day to bring oranges!), it's going to be another warm warm day.

~ red stripee ftls
~ b.u.m. shirt
~ pj pants...
~ um... to complete the complex process of waking up... and I'm not even close yet...
~ corner store... must get ice...
~ ice? Edwards Lemonade Stand ... sadly, yesterday was a better day for that... but that was "Fan Stand" day... see below.
~ take some pics of a painting at my moms house so she can enter it in a juried show somewhere... (her Painters web site is [ :: here :: ]
~ attempt to put up a new light in the kitchen...
~ try to be awake long enough to watch Charlie Jade from last night...
~ oh, and The Life Acquatic is still whispering to me... I haven't answered yet. There's something depressing about returning a dvd to the rental store without watching it... so, maybe tonight...
~ that the pregnant Kat... (angryvixen) gets her A/C back... and quick!!!
~ to introduce you to sin_da_rella... her journal seems to always have something great to read or link to... you'll like her (and she's sweetness times ten)...
~ to send some "welcome home" wishes to pertinentwires and fallingforward as they set up shop in busy Boston...

So...... [ :: Edward made these "fans" :: ]...
Regular piece of paper... fold fold fold... staple... "Hey... a fan? People will buy these... 'cuz it's sooo hot out."
And then the captain of industry is outside on a rocking chair, selling fans. The neighbor kids, suz, geo and I all buy fans.
He gets bummed... because cars aren't stopping to buy fans! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... gah!
But we had a huge dinner thing going on and the visitors all bought fans too... so it's all good. :D

Ok... time to go play Clone Wars with Edward...
see ya.
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