Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

well... let's see...
Set fire to a pizza in the oven.
The A/C had the house at a perfect 75... heading for 73...
Then had a house filled with ... well, smoke, mostly.
Doors, windows flung wide, fan blowing, smoke detector reminding us how dumb we are every now and then...
ug. :D
Actually ran a few errands tonight, getting more gardening goodness for Z to play with in the yard...
Had my nephew over for the evening... then my sis, her squeeze for a visit... then bro shows up, to collect recently referenced nephew, and visited...
Pots of coffee vanished... I subjected people to the garbage video... everyone points at the castle and remembers someone elses castle extravaganza... (It's a grade 4 thang)

The Life Acquatic... sits in a blockbuster box on the counter... it's making little squeeky noises but it's not drawing me into it's web quite yet...

... and then it became... now.


The weeks are just flying by...
Tomorrow is totally booked... before it even starts.
swimming lessons, hair cuts, cleaning, job jar, then sorting out to serve dinner to my folks. I'm thinking home made chinese dishes... we'll see.

Ok... time for me to go play.

Have a great night and weekend :)
See ya sunday.
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