Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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(and yes... I've been Posty McPostallot... sorry)

~ Head Coach Tucked Into Shorts Golf Shirt dude... is drill dude from plan nine.
I mentioned to the other coach ... that the kids show up at practice because they look forward to the scrimage game that goes down in the second half of practice.
There was no game.
There were plenty of drills. I know... practice... still and all... it's kids community league soccer.
Including the amazingly stupid one where the kids are all dribbling the ball around one another in a field-marker marked box in this elimination game. Dribble your ball around, and protect it, but kick anyone elses ball out of the box and they're out. Fun as that may sound... four kids on the side, two crying, holding thier ankles.
It was a kick fest like you can't believe. Nine year olds... ten year olds... some pack a wallup... so can bearly run without falling over.
Practice from 7:00 to 8:00. School night... June... Tests, projects, homework... and coach dude is still going strong at 8:10.
He and I are having a talk this week.

~ geo's castle got some more paint tonight. The walls need another coat... sand rubbed on 'em when their wet and little sharpie black marker marks. And no they're not "on".. the walls are just place where they'll be... because it's more fun that way! :D
[ :: no flash... :: ] [ :: flash :: ] Edward got to paint a he was happy. :)

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