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good morning LJ... I had a great night - slept like a log... Neck is much less stiff (thu the lower back pain continues to make me think I need to deal with posture issues... SIT UP STRAIGHT, STOP HUNCHING YOUR SHOULDERS, PUT YOUR FEET ON THE FLAT ON THE FLOOR... shut up, I'm comfy... PAY ATTENTION...) - who me? multiple personality dissorder? naw...
Today will be great! I get to show off a bit (I did something great and somebody actually noticed... now I have teach it... - or is that "now I get to teach it"?) and BB was so funny on the feeds last night that there is no way I could get by without another update... lunch time! and best of all, it looks like my team may come in on target with something so boringly work related that you just could not care less - suffice it to say that I'm all happy 'bout it.

Anyways, I'll be back (baring another internet feed failure - man that was a drag!!!)
I'm not actually ditzy but I like the way that looks...

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