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Monday Monday....

can't trust that day....!

John Phillips (the mamas and the papas) passed away this weekend. So, do a little California Dream'en in his honour today...

~ corp. logo denim shirt with totally static charged cargo's... (hey everybody... look! those are my shins)
~ little D&G (hi Liz)
~ dem shoes....
~ to take off to a client site and cover for one of my guys that's sick-like-doggy at home right now...
~ to get-the-phuque-over being sick like doggy myself.. (cough cough cough ... ahhhhahhhh hack!)
~ I could affort to send one of those big goofy horseshoe things of flowers to a radio station in Charlottesville for my friend's birthday.
~ I could go to and see another friend and remind her that she is a wonderful person, no-so-stupid like she's feeling, and help her with love and kindness.... something we all deserve on a regular basis.
~ that "being in remission" was actually happening for my buddy laini. (you know you'll be home soon sugar... soon.)

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