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Friday, May 27

Yeah... the "er... I'm in a bit of a rush" face... and then bang zoom

Vast and intractable (is that word?) amounts of stress from yesterday played heavily into my sleep pattern and I was wwwwway awake at like 6:30 (I don't normally crack lids till 7:15) so I was mr. up-and-at-'em today. It's a rainy day 'round here and it'll be another crummy weekend weather wise... but ... I don't care. Weekends mean not working for the man... (so I'll work for the wo-man... get it... ahhh I kill me...) There's a whole pile of new things in the job jar... The "paint the windows" one is all tucked away but ... the pile does not vanish!! ;)

Ed has his soccer sometime this weekend... and I'm on the hook to help out his coach too... so we'll see how that goes.

~ black ftls
~ khaki cargos [ :: what? no jeans? :: ]
~ gray t and dk blue short sleeve dress shirt... :)
~ day starts with my brain on frazzle trying to get out of the house earlier than usual...
~ lunches for the boys, dressed boys, fed boys... and boys on the bus... zzzzzing!
~ then ... still going strong on the "avoid road stress freak out" vibe... get myself to the client sight early.
~ big meeting to deliver my plan today... setting out the path for the next few months. :D
~ tonight? Well, no soccer... but we will have something yummi for dinner... and take in some good relax'en tonight. (I've been a ball of stress all week).
~ to wave and scream out to alma_perdida... "over here... I'm here... here here here... here I am... :) :D"
~ to say to monkey ... WORD... it's great to get service from someone that knows how to go the extra mile... mer... that sounds kinda porno... but it's not... or is it just that I'm a bit bent?
e to just whisper over to greenwavedave... a little "yup... I see you. :D"

// Music
[ :: Why Do You Love Me : Garbage - New from Bleed Like Me :: ] - awesome song... grows on you ... :D :D

Are you into that show? Did you watch the season finale? Did you about shit yourself in the last couple of seconds? holyfrickingshit!!!

// K... this week kinda vanished...
It would be a remarkable understatement to say "I miss you".
No really.

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