Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 25

So here I sit having "chicken madras" (spice till you splice muchachos...) for lunch remembering fondly when I would do these posts before work started. *le sigh* :D
Do you ever react physically to spicy food? My forehead glistens... my nose starts to run... (I'm talking evil hard core spicy here). Gah... I love it. :D

I woke to g-g-g-g-great news on the radio about the schools opening again tomorrow. Apparently the strike has been averted in some late night negotiations. 78,000 students in the region are off work today... and fortunately they are not off till the fall!!!! We were making frantic plans with various in-laws, etc. to sort out child care for the next month.

There's nothing but glory falling out of the sky today... no rain... no clouds... just blue and yellow and and and and... my off-maroon office in cube land. I have my posters... my family pictures... and I can see the reflection of actual day light against a ceiling in the distance...

~ blue ftls
~ blue dockers
~ maroon dress shirt... nice baroque (sp?) silk tie...
~ another day of trying to get work done between the ENDLESS meetings...
~ zoom back to my other office to meet my boss and get some advice about this gig and possibly to get my time sheets done...
~ tonight? Soccer dad time starts tonight... Geo's first practice and I've volunteered to be the "coaches slave".
~ WELL NOW... LOST Season Finale is on tonight... groove station zebra baby!!
~ and (no really) finish the video. I've an hour left on it... then it's a lot of "rendering frames"... It looks like the decent version of this will be about 24 megs. Any body wanna volunteer to take the first looks and give me feedback?????
~ to point out to mspish that ... well... six months is a lifetime.. :)
~ for a little toothy-fixup to find it's way to canuckgirl

Life is more complicated for some people than it may be for you. Try to never ever forget this... It helps when the time comes to hold back the almost unstoppable need to be judgemental.

she starves herself to rid herself of sin...
and the kick is so divine when she sees bones beneath the skin...

~ shirley manson...

When we went to the movies on Friday night... There were two seats between me and the isle. Fat Man sat down in the isle seat. Dude was huge. He fit... but just. The smell of Old Spice literally wafted across the seats... I could fricking taste it. My head swam with thoughts about this creature and how he was affecting my life... my family movie time. Now... this is seriously sappy but... when I was really gelling up my sense of righteous indignation... I was struck by my own hypocrisy. First of all, he sat down after the lights dimmed for the feature.... clearly having waited for in-out traffic to stop. Old Spice? I guess it's preferable to the possible alternatives... and I can only remotely and probably inadequately imagine what bigotry, mistreatment and abuse he must face in the day to day world... and here he was... out at the movies, on his own. As the movie went along I heard him making small exclamations of excitement about certain segments and I could just tell he thought this was the greatest thing. He was a fan. I'd say a huge fan, but ... you know... I felt bad about my first reactions to him... and when the movie ended I looked at him and asked how he enjoyed the show.... He hesitated and said that he "loved every moment"... then he bolted.
Judgmental is easy.
Walk the more challenging path.
Do it. It makes you a live longer. :)

// I'm a million miles behind in all that is lj ... I can't read from work and the nights have been super busy... so I hope you'll forgive my inattention and await my renewed opportunity to catch up with you guys. J

Later sk8ers.
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