Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 22

It's gray... fast moving, low riding, puffy black things are blocking my view of blue sky and sun... bastards...
I was hoping to go downtown to the festival today... may still happen... we'll see.

Last night was all about playing with kids, playing with Z and playing with video edits... (sorted out a major sound issue! weeeeee)
So basically... played all night. :)

My BIL came over to talk computer upgrades... and I kinda led him to the conclusion that he needs to forget playing catch-up-with-the-tech and computer video games... and suggested playstation 2. They (his wife and he) would do way better to have a good laptop... seeing as he's the only one in the house that wants to game-on... We'll see how this goes.

Oh, and we took my MIL out to dinner with the kids last night to the mongoli grill... (or whatever it's called) and had a fantastic meal...
I layered on the spicy... and have... *cough* been paying the price... (ug!) ... typical.

~ pj pants...
~ six hundred year old sweat shirt...
~ a paint brush...
~ gah... more painting. Clean... sand... vacuum... tape... tape... tape tape tape.... base paint... wait. Paint window trim and frame trim. Rinse and repeat.
~ never made it to my folks house yesterday... must do that today!!
~ desperate househoes tonight. :)
~ Lindsay ... blonde? um... no.
~ that ratonil... would, yes, pick him up at the airport!
~ and that amythyst gets to rest those aicking (sp?) muscles... :)


Smile... somebody loves you.

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