Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Saturday, May 21

Yeah, I know... Saturday. Well it's a long weekend and the kids don't have swimming so ... I thought I'd pretend I had an excuse to break with tradition. :D

The neighbors are garage sale'ing... Suze is in garden goddess mode and I have a zillion errands to run... but I thought it would be nice to scroll scroll a bit on a Saturday for a change. :)

DUDES!!!! We saw Star Wars last night... it was fabulous... cheesy as hell on the dialog side... but ... like I actually care... hahahaha... The opening scene was my fav and I had a couple of audible gasps as it went down... and honestly... I felt the squeeze of emotion when the movie wrapped and closed the loop opened back in 1977... when I was fifteen young years old and sitting on the edge of a cinema seat watching Luke Skywalker burn around on his speeder. Great movie.... especially if you're a fan!

~ red stripee ftls
~ kinda old ripped jeans
~ an old navy shirt... cost me one dolla!!
~ to go buy painting supplies and paint the wood trim on the windows we had installed a few weeks ago...
~ laze about and be a happy daddy. :)
~ visit my Dad and get some video stuff that he wants me to sort out from their trip to the middle east.
~ tonight? Gotta watch the other half of Alias!!
~ And I'm damn close on that vid thing... but man... IT'S HUGE....
~ to make some comfy noises about how happy I am that the last year did all that it has done in the life and times ladyfire!!
~ that no1topaz and her bra buddy kimberly27616 have a blast living up to the Oprah-says-it-needs-to-fit thang.... :D

// Canada dodged a 300 million dollar bullet this week. And despite all the blah blah blah about the independent seats making the difference... I believe that Belinda and her game is what made the ultimate difference. There will still be an election... but fortunately it will be after The Gomery Commission Report. In the mean time... Hey Steven ... have you noticed how many Canadians think you suck?!!!

Ok... must go be dad. :)
Enjoy your saturday.

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