Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 20

Well I went to bed at like 1:00… so that being early and all… I was “spring out of bed” boy today and managed to get sorted in great time. Of course, making the boys lunch the night before rocks hard core sox…

You know… it’s been eight months and a week since my last cigarette. Sadly… I still want a smoke. Just one… just sneak off and have a quick… er… ok ok never mind. J
Still going strong man… it’s just… grrrrr sometimes.

We will… without a doubt… be taking the boys to see Episode III this weekend. I’m looking forward to it… but not half as much as Edward… sweet mercy that boy sure loves all things star wars related. Oh, and he continues to favour Darth Vader over all other characters… well, save Darth Maul.

Dude... you realize this is a long weekend? Three whole days of glory!!! :)

Do you knwo kitykity?? She is doing the Breast Cancer Walk in Dallas/FtWorth. Seeing as about 7 million of my lj friends live in texas... :D :D :D... I thought you might like to see a link to her BC Page!!!
[ :: click me to visit Susan's Breast Cancer Walk page! :: ]

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans… [ :: all washed up and comfy :: ]
~ red p-z golf shirt… and a sweater… but dude… it’s hot in here… so the sweater is warming up my book bag. J
~ first thing… meetings…
~ then move my office to position myself closer to my staff… (hahaha… day one, new job, takes over a team and hence… gets “staff”. So far so good.)
~ I miss my mom and dad… I think I’ll visit them tonight. :)
~ unlike last night when I did absolutely nothing on the video… tonight I intend to get the last transition done and link some audio to the last video segment…
~ I would get up earlier (and that’s actually a must… starting next week!) so I can read a bit of my friends pages before the day gets going…
~ to send some warm thoughts out to costello1177… just because…
~ that I could fly out west and give my friend Laurie and her girls some hugs and let ‘em all know how sorry I am about the loss of their wee pet… It’s soooo hard sugar… I know… believe me.
~ to point out to innerly that I always knew little M was a smarty-pants!! :D
~ and many squeezy moments out to c… who earned ‘em with a w-w-w-way lousy Spring behind her. J

Something Special….
The Web Site “Ottawa Girl” [ :: :: ] is a web space dedicated to providing portal and fun services to women … that play for their own team. Of course, as I type that I am reminded that I have way too many fantasies about Bette from “The L Word”.
A remarkable woman… a beautiful and crazy smart woman, that I have known and worked with for several years, created and maintains that web portal as a resource for herself… for her partner and their friends… ya dig?
Now … do me a favour… visit her site. If you are a member of the community… then maybe there’s a reason to post a link to the site in your journal or at least to tell a friend or two to visit her sight.
I don’t ask for much… but I’d really appreciate it if you would indulge me in this…

Ok… time for a quick walk… and then… the next meeting! Ug.
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