Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 19

Give me coffee or give me death!!!

Okay… somebody turned on the sun faucet and it’s been gushing ever since I woke up!!! Wow and then double wow on the entire weather picture. It’s a beautiful day … to be stuck in a windowless maroon baffled cubicle. sigh…

I had a great night last night… with the cliff hanger on Lost… (and dudes, would you hurry up and show the big monster beastie thing already… sheesh… and don’t forget… it pulled pilot dude out that window in the second episode… way up in a tree… so don’t wimp out when you get around to showing us!!) And then some time trying to come up with another transition for the video. I have all these short sound-free jumpy mpeg video segments and mostly blurry stills from the garbage concert in Montreal last month and I’m sorting out a bit of a fan flick with them… (or trying to… )

~ red stripee ftls
~ same ol’dk blue dockers…
~ white on white with a m-i-c-k-e-y tie!!
~ busy day! Different meetings every hour and some big one at 1:00…
~ then … (only j-j-just remembered) company staff meeting tonight after work!
~ (note to self… call z! re: dinner hour)
~ tonight? Totally enjoying life baby… J We’ve got a two hour alias on tape… and I’m in the home stretch with the video… (clearly this video thing would go faster if I wasn’t discovering how to do the things I’m doing as I do them… but then… that’s where the fun is. :)
~ that there’s a little elation in ninneviane’s world… smoooooosh (which is pretty much a wet smooch!)
~ that sugar-kat… the angryvixen doesn’t fall asleep while counting money…
~ for fortune to spin a lucky seven or two at my friend fallingforward, mostly because I just appreciate her so much… Have you read her political post today? Why not?
~ and a little yum out to little_hg… may he be all that you need him to be.

// Oh my freaking god… if you missed the news in Canada last night… then you missed a historical moment of ground breaking proportions. Let me set the scene… Canada and, more specifically, Canadian Politics has been “inclusive” for women over low these many years. Besides paying tribute to the interest groups by appointing women to head up important commissions and agencies… we have also put a few of ‘em in power positions within the actual cabinet. Who can forget the plaintive whale … wail… no, in fact… whale… of Ann McClelland (sp?) screeching into scrum microphones. Or Deborah Gray, that delightful and ambitious er… person… making her positions clear. She deserves to head right over to the penis closet immediately and get one strapped on. Such wonderful role models… inspiring androgynous, hideous, angry, axe-grinding young women across the country to take up the challenge of public office.
So… finally… a new face on the landscape. A woman to demonstrate that you don’t have to be huge to be in politics… you are allowed to be tall… and having emotions, let alone wearing them on your sleeve does not make you less capable. Yes indeed… Canada got to meet Miss McKay last night… Peter-essa McKay, aka Cry-Me-A-River-You-Puuuuuusssy McKay whipered on national television about his… er… her… damp panties and how they needed to be wrung out.
You know… someday… if we’re lucky… the freakshow that is Parliament In Session, with vast galleries of men pounding their desks, yelling and generally being ignorant… my be infected by a clear-headed woman. A woman who isn’t afraid to actually be a woman and play in the same game with the boys… A woman that has some moral conviction and isn’t afraid to piss people off… A woman with some poise, lots of money, good business sense, and possibly the clothes to go with not-being-a-huge-scary-slug.

Oh wait… Belinda… Belinda… Belinda… (say it three times… it feels like your scolding her.)


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