Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

what made you think of that?

"We play all the best rock and killer classics... The Bear, 106.9"
So we're driving and I hear this... heard it a million times...
I think to myself "killer" ahhhh,... remember the movie "The Killers" staring Ronald Reagan. You know something like that in his past - a staring role in a movie called "The Killers" and he still managed to have a positive enough profile to be elected... But he was one of those entertainment industry people that went into politics... There that wrestler governor, there's Clint Eastwood, oh, and there was Sonny Bono. Then I think... geee, I wonder if he would have ever made it to president... but he died... how did he die?
So I pipe up - remember, we're just driving along in the car listening to the radio - and I say "Hon?, remember Sonny Bono... he died... didn't he die in a skiing accident? Slam into a tree?"
Zebra replies that yes indeed that's how he died...
The point is... this is typical guy behavior... well it is for me at least and I don't think I too far on the edges of normal. So when you guy asks some completely out of blue question... just go with it. There was some oddball line of reasoning that got him there and it happened just 'cause!!

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