Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 16

So... click... and then I changed my mind about the tie.
However, I like it with Geo there... so the pic stays. :D

Monday... new week and brand new deal with the work zone.
It's like a bit of british humour.... the job that is... I have to sort out disputes between a client and our operational staff that run this clients outsourced IT environment. Except I'm supposed to be on the clients side... so... it's just wack. But it's in a large government complex... the same one I was in when I spent 14 years working for HRDC... (but this is not with the remains of that department). Time will be at a premium... we'll see how things pan. :)

It's looking nice out... but theres thin wispy clouds and they tend to bunch up and make little messes... so question marks abound today! :)

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ new t with ....a new dress shirt
~ and a very very old tie. It started with my "old pheasant" tie... but it's too busy with stripes...
~ and I don't have a solid tie that is not flaming red or brilliant silver... (I'm an emcee at heart)... so I picked an old blue one...
~ today is the first day of a new deal...
~ I'm off to a government client for day one of a multi month contract.
~ full day... and no idea how time will share itself with me.
~ tonight? no idea...
~ to send some warm words of congratulations out to a friend... Vaun... on the arrival of Teagan. He and his wife just adopted this brand new baby and everyone is doing well... A very exciting time for that family... Adopting earns your wings... just say'en...
~ that laurel714 wakes up feeling a whole lot better... :)
~ I could let kumi take me out to lunch...
~ for finn_lily to get the kittie of her choice...
~ and big congrats to wolfiegirl on making it through another school year (well, almost)... He's a lucky boy sugar-gnome... a lucky boy. :)

// You know... Ian has / had no skill at framing an argument, or he would have asked Katie and Tom exactly what honest fucking horse they rode in on. A tool, a tool and a trollop.

// it's monday... The government of Canada has four days left. Then ... we all get to watch while they piss 300 million dollars away. grrrrrrr!

// Edie... on Desperate... K... shave that and bring it to my tent.

Okidoki... time to go be worker boy. :)
See ya.

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