Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 15

Well yesterday was grand... :)
Suz is / was well enough to do a little shopping, and the boys and I did some serious cleaning... playing... and cooking. :)
We all settled down last night to a late dinner. :D

Click it to see a big version of one image...
(and yes, I did move so Geo could see better. :D)

We had a bubbling oil fondu... spiced pork, seasoned chicken and tender beef... rice, salad and treats for dessert... and enjoyed the whole thing with the doors open to the tv and watching Lemony Snickets. Fun movie with the family... Excellent dinner. It took us the entire movie to eat... sizzling one bite at a time.

Suz and I got caught up on Alias in the later hours and did major office clean ups between kiddie bed time and Alias catch-up. :) The way we manage to stack up papers with a casual "I'll look at that later..." ha!

~ black stripee ftls
~ white t shirt
~ big green and black house coat...
~ and sox... always wake up with sox!
~ scraping the layer of sleep off my face...
~ shower, shave... real cloths... that sorta thing.
~ taking back movies... :D :D :D
~ buying a bike... buying another bike actually. (We bought Ed his new bike on Friday night)
~ and buying locks... definitely buying locks!
~ hey... is the survivor finale on tonight? must check the guide...
~ I could sit and catch up... but life is swirling around me here...:)

I got up at... 9:20 ... which is a lovely sleep in!!! The boys were playing and letting us crash. :D (good boys!)

When I did get up ... I slapped in National Treasure and we three sat with breakfasts on the floor of the family room and watched that. I enjoyed the movie!!! Suz saw it at the theater with friends forever ago. Edward lost interest for a few moments but was drawn back in... while Geo was locked on target watching. Math, puzzles and mysteries... that is totally up his (and my) ally.

// Every time Steven Harper is on television or radio... pay attention to what he's saying... listen for it, and you will hear - over and over again - him say something that is similar to "Every Canadian believes..... " or "People are saying...." or "What people believe is..." or "Canadians are..." ... If someone tells you what you are thinking enough times... I suppose you start to believe him. Sad. Very sad. Note: don't believe him. The conservatives are more than a little dangerous. I remember my niece... sitting on my SIL's sofa, explaining to me in no uncertain terms that she would never vote conservative because Harper wanted to take Canada into the Iraq war. I was on my Belinda Stronach kick... so I listened but guarded my answers. I look back and think... go Sarah! :) (niece... sarah).

// Afghanistan... was the land of crazy fricking religious totalitarianism... but then it became the land of "Invaded by US Troops" to free the people and make their land democratic... Well, they're free now... and they're *cough* democratic... So, of course, now it's the land of the ANTI American Protests... that include many many people blowing up. Wooo hooo... Democracy marches on.... American Style. Go Bush Go... freak.

Time for a shower. :)

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