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Last pic of me at this office for... ages!

Monday is the start of a whole new deal.
I wonder what changes it will bring?

For now... I give you two things...

One? A big honking laugh... Check this out... (oh my god it's funny)
[ :: Listen to this... it's a web page with a clickable 'play me' :: ]

Two? A really good reason to be charitable.
If you have the means to contribute to the MS Society, I urge you
to click below, which will take you to a friends LJ. She has MS
(I've known her for years) and she is an active fund-raiser for
MS. Read her post... then make up your own mind. :)
[ :: Go and visit Lynspin's Journal :: ]

The link to her journal entry regarding the MS Fundraising... is
You may not be able to contribute... but you could put that link in your journal...
Use your ability to reach out ... for the forces of good. :D
May the force be with you. :D

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