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Friday, May 13.

headache... woke up with a bit of a boomer... and woke up a bit late. Had to really fly through the "ok kids... up and at-em" zone.
At the last second... Edward announced he has a sore throat and can't go to school... Suz bought it so he's home. I will be wrong... but my first reaction was totally... HA!!! Get on the buss slacker. :D hahaha... Grade one. sigh. Yes, I'll feel terrible when he turns out to be really sick... but that is a story as yet untold.

It's cold again... but not too cold... and absolutely beautiful outside. :)

The kids were so amazing in their play (musical) last night. The little girl that played Cha Cha... hahahahaha... way too happy. I thought she was going to explode on stage. :D

~ green ftls...
~ beige p-z jeans.. . [ :: last friday for ages that I'll be home at this hour... :D :: ]
~ salmon gap t with a denim shirt...
~ and ma shit kicker shoes... (kind of a mood thing).
~ sort out what I can for the bid...
~ transition the bid to co-worker dude...
~ get sorted on the monday start with the new contract... months and months at a client site....
~ tonight? finish the video!!! Just say'en ... matching sound and video in push-it... is almost im-fucking-possible.. ... kinda like Kim Possible... without the k! But don't you just love that show? Naked Mole Rats? word!!
~ maybe even watch alias from... two weeks ago... PVR... I'm getting behind!!! :) but I'm sure loving Jon Stewart.
~ big congrats out to aristophren for his achievement!! (He graduated yesterday... go say "congrats!!")!!! :D
~ that my sweet friend her_whispers feels a whole lot better ... really very soon.
~ and that choco_orangutan... woke up today... :) (ok ok ... that sounds morbid... I mean, "woke up on time"!) (smooch)
~ that you will go and cast a vote in support of my friend mage67. [ :: click here and read his post :: ] noting that Mage has done plenty for us... it's time for payback!!

[ :: Wheatus : Teenage Dirtbag :: ]

// I'm really bummed about the way things are going with the government. I can see how this is going to work out... with the liberals getting another minority... or the conservatives... and then a repeat of all this in under a year. It's so wasteful... I've said it before and it needs saying again. Canadians wanted a government that would be forced to form consensus on the issues... that would stop swinging wilding to the left or the right and pay attention to interest groups. Instead... we've got a government that is practically non functional. The Gomery Commission of Inquiry is not over and it's mandate is not simply to determine if public funds were misused. Theres more to it's investigation than that. However... the most difficult aspect of all this is that we're being asked to believe slime ball punk rat bastard business men that prol'y live in strip clubs as they slag out on every layer of politician they can think of to get the focus off themselves. I'm not saying the politicians are good... but dude... they're not scum bags... and half of these guys talking at the Montreal version of Gomery are. There was a time in the past when the government was ripe for abuse by the business community as everyone went wild over the Canadian Unity problem. A lot of french business men in quebec took advantage of this. Some of the people in charge of the liberal party - at that time - were played like well violins and others abused their power. But the biggest crooks were the business men that made millions and millions off this scandel. Now... years and years later... we will shut down government because of those crooks. It's just stupid...

// Four Hundred people have been blown up in Iraq by mad bombers in the last two weeks. Did you know that? How the hell can any society exist like that? Or is that what democracy looks like when you shove it down the throats of a country on the other side of the planet? Or does it have something to do with shoving democracy down their throats with your right hand while you pull all their resources and cash out of their asses with the left??

// We jail a woman for writing too many bad cheques... we jail a kid for shoplifting... but we give suspended sentences to murders and totally exonerate husband killers because they had a good reason... um... just say'en... things get to looking a bit fucked up if you look too close.

// Wolds oldest shoe uncovered in a dig that proves the show was lost down a well. It's all one big Douglas Adams thing to me... (excavating shoes) ...

Gotta go. :D See ya.

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