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Wednesday, May 11

Sun shine... vast oceans of sunlight rolling like misty breakers across dawns' beach.
The look of the world out my bedroom window was nothing short of fabulous when I woke up today.

K, so the morning is still all about the daddy... so today was kinda cool... well, "cool" because it went so smoothly. Everybody stayed calm... no ornery kid stuff and lunch stuff packed up without issues. Although... hahaha... ok, so at one point... when I'm shoooing them out the door (it's 8:15 and the bus comes at 8:20) Ed turns and says... "just a sec" and bolts downstairs... I'm watching, but being reserved, as he comes backup.... puts his back to me... and leans over his book bag for a minute. hahaha... I tell him to zoooooom upstairs and give mom a quick kiss (Z is still battling the cold-from-hell) so Edward... TAKES his book bag. Oh my curiosity is peeked now. I'm still grappling with what to do... ask, check or ignore... I was in a hurry so I tried to just "check" ... which earned a wee reproachful wail from his lordship... so I resorted to ask (and I should have done that first)... He started with "nothing"... then caved and told me he had the "laser pointer"... which is NOT a laser pointer... it's just a little red diode keychain light thing. He was all "I'll only play with it at lunch". My gut reaction was to say no... (because ... well, he's gonna lose it) but he was soooo keen to bring this... So I demurred and left it there. So the result; I re-enforced sneaky behavior by letting him take it (bad) ... he will lose it (bad) ... and his teacher may catch him playing with it in class (bad). So on the one hand... funny moment with sneaky Ed being kinda cute... on the other... bad daddy. I'll talk to him about this tonight and try and regroup with a little "you're better off just asking first" thing. We'll see.

~ dk blue ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ strange patterned button up shirt... You know how women have "hounds tooth" pattern fabrics in their clothes? yeah, well this is more like "hounds tendons" or something. Still ... it "goes" with these pants so... whatever.
~ start transitioning my gig with the big Bid Freak Out to my coworker in anticipation of Mondays big start with a new client engagement... I will be months away at a client site. There will be changes.
~ get as much done on the bid as I possibly can...
~ get a project from "pre bid mania" sorted for boss man...
~ and tonight? write up something about Amazing Race... (great finale... my my my... we were yelling at the TV as they wrapped the last 100 yards of the race... good tv fun. :D)
~ more on the video... it's really gonna be done some day... promise... :) (of course, you have to be a garbage fan to actually give a rats pooh... but what-evah)
~ to yell some way-to-go type words over to my bratt72... and I'll sound possessive if I want, thankyouverymuch. :)
~ to just send some wow type vibes out to catherine... and may hopes for the well being of her back. :)
~ please stop stealing from pro_jenny... it is, indeed, not fair!

[ :: Garbage - Can't Seem To Make You Mine :: ]

// Canada... we ... they... did it. They had their vote and it came back 150 - 153... so the conservative party of canada... aka Steven Harper and His George Bush wanna-be right wing Zoot Suit. and the FBPOC ... "fucking block party of canada" (their stated goals as a political entity is to fight for the separation of the province of Quebec from the rest of canada... you cannot fathom how deeply my disgust for that party runs...) made their deal with the devil to join forces... BWAAHAHAHAHAHA... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! and go for the defeat of the gov. Didn't happen. They got the vote but they don't have the precedence to achieve their goal... not yet... they will, however... and we will be having the election I was all worried about last month. (waste waste waste waste waste!!!!!!! and I just paid my taxes... fuckers!). Don't bother being the government... spin your wheels screwing around... it's not like any of the shit you guys do is important... I mean... You're only the Federal Government!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

// Alex and Lynn... the flamers from Amazing Race... are getting married in Ottawa in June. Dig that.!!! They can't get that in Cali so... bring it north boys... we'll hook you up. :)

// The world is a varied, dangerous, and complicated place. American history is what? 250 years... maybe 300 in a stretch? ... meanwhile... several thousand years of history paints the murals that describe the world of Asia, Europe and all points in between, below and around. What makes America think (er... ok, George think... it's just that I have trouble saying "George Bush" and "think" in the same sentence) that the rest of the planet needs to be remodeled in the American image? sigh... I'm picturing SUV drive'en Arabs getting fat at a buffet house with a carry permit hanging out of the one pocket and a glok in the other. No seriously though... there's a great deal of arrogance in the current administrations foreign policy... and, sadly, a great many blood stained uniforms employed in moving that policy forward.

// North America... (see... not just "America"...) really needs to get off the kick of busting pot smokers. I swear... what an amazing waste of limited enforcement resources... Shit, you'd prol'y do more for the overall safety and well being of the continent if you'd bust people for overeating at buffets. Nobody... ever... smoked pot and killed someone... at least not someone who wasn't going to do some killing regardless of the pot. Sadly this is soooo not true for the overdrinking nut bars that drive our mean streets. It's just sickening to see how many people clog the courts and jails on pot smoking related charges and convictions. Sad man... wicked sad... and for what? getting the munchies while laughing at some movie or tv show?

... time to be busy ... see ya.
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