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Survivor X Update!!

Survivor X : Palau

Mother May I

Wherein... Gregg gets to watch his testicles roll away and then jumps around in front of a firing squad and begs them to shoot him. Somebody, (anybody! gah!) finally tries to use their head, and fortunately it's Ian and even more fortunate is that he was motivated by Miss-Thirty-Days-in-and-still-jiggles-everywhere burning his tall boney white guy self.

Survive This!
(the show in as few words as possible!)
An almost blah show... save for the gelding of Greg... but maybe that's just cuz I miss stephanie? (:D) We're down to six skinny white folk... er, ok, five skinny white folk and Katie (who stunningly is still sporting a bit of a tire... while Ian vanishes before our eyes) and they're all about the plott'en and scheme'en. They dive into a Reward game that requires them to eliminate one another by delivering hits to a torch-over-water thing. Three hits and the torch is soaked. You get to hit by answering questions about Palau. Essentially a big Yawn right up until Katie burns Ian’s ass in favour of Gregg, despite their initial pronouncements of teaming for a Reward. Then Greg burns Katie because Jenn keeps his testicles in her front pocket... all warm and well behaved. The Gelded One goes on to win... and for his trouble he gets to pick two friends to go-with for an overnight pamper session on a luxury yacht. He picks Jenn (crrrrrack!) and then, obviously tiring of being in the hunt for the million, takes Katie too. This leaves Tom, Ian and Caryn alone to be pissed at not going and consider the fate of their alliances. They decide to shoot for Gregg, but this risks a tie as Katie, Jenn, and Gregg will vote for Caryn. This risks Ian and Tom if they have to go for pulling rocks from a bag to pick tonight’s loser. But they stupidly decide it's worth the risk. Meanwhile on the good ship "Imajerk" Greg, Katie and Jenn get a surprise visit from "the loved ones" and besides chow, showers and beer... they all get to swim with a pod of friendly dolphins. (wow!wow) The boat trip ends with the kids bringing their "loved ones" back to camp, so as to torture the others with the knowledge that their loved-ones are probably somewhere being forced to listen to Wanda sing. When they have to leave... there are the standard tears and stuff... the best being Gregg blubbering away about his mom (sorry dude but it's been what? a month? man up would ya!) Now it's Immunity and this is the retread challenge game with an obstacle run, a puzzle moment, eat duck fetuses, untie knots and then shoot the PPG. The net result of all this is that we get to marvel at Ian's height as he stands beside Jeff getting the immunity necklace. Iam turns another screw on the black widow that's closing over Gregg by approaching Katie with the deal (because he had vainly blabbed to Katie's BIL that he'll watch her back... ??? wtf was that?) It's a big risk but it pays off when they get to council and Greg's lonely shaft is kicked on to the jury. Jenn, mind you, still has to decide what to do with Greg’s balls.

Most Memorable Moment
Hands down, no contest... the moments when Gregg turns to Jenn in the Reward Challenge and asks her if it's ok for him to give her a point versus giving Katie (the girl that just turned on Ian to rescue Gregg) a point. Jeff is agog, asking everybody to "wait... wait..." and then to Gregg "Did you just ask her permission?" Fabulous. I love watching Jeff put the gears to these guys.

A Bug Flew In Your Mouth
Jeff to Greg: "wait... wait... did you just ask her permission?" Speaks for itself, dunnit.

Caryn, had to put on a show of still being morose about getting sent home... to keep Greg and Jenn in the dark about the Ian, Tom and Caryn deal. I'm just say'en... she did a bang up job. hahaha... Greg even comments that "Caryn is in a Janu place."

The Darwin Affect
Greg... you moron... what where you thinking? I mean... A Million Dollars!!!!

Tribal Council
Jeff kinda plays into Ian and Tom's hands by pushing everyone on how they're treating Caryn. But the vote goes down with Katie holding the swing and Gregg getting a very serious surprise. "Honey? Can I bring my torch to Jeff?" Fun as that was, it hardly compares to the look on Jenn’s face when Greg got snorked. bwahahaha...

Two things...
~ um... Ian's stock went up, and Stephanie looked great in the Jury shot... :D
~ On the CBS Early Show last week, Stephanie's comment... something like "they just took right over" sounded like she was suggesting the guys end up in the final two.

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