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Friday, May 6

Smile... it's sunny and, despite some early morning shivers... it's going to be a hot and g-g-g-g-g-gorgeous day. :D

I wonder sometimes... about the lurker concept.
I have several internet email friends (new age pen pals) that have been corresponding with me over the years.
They were lurkers that decided to speak up... and, personally... nothing could be nicer.
But I wonder sometimes if there are many lurkers... I suspect not... but have no way to tell.
Are you reading this and not a lj user? or not on my friends list? Email me... it would be nice to hear from you.

Oh, and today is special...


Thank you thank you thank you ... for years of friendship and sharing.
Staying in touch with you has given me so much happiness it's silly.
(~ and mindcrime, bigbull, mscantbwrong... please don't feel left out... happy birthday to you guys too!!! :)

~ green ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: and I was in a wee bit of a rush... :: ]
~ old navy shirt and a blue button up shirt... ;)
~ did I mention that I'm an HR Specialist? er... well... at least it looks that way.
~ bid bid bid bid bid... ahhhhhhh! bonk. (head... bonking on desk)
~ we haven't watched Alias from this week yet... :)
~ write about Survivors boring ... non-stephanie episode from last night...
~ more vid edits...
~ talk to extended family about a big "out for dinner" thing on Saturday night for all the mommies in our clan...
~ that the ever classy hilts nails himself a little russian bride... :) (ar ar ar ar)

[ :: Killing Heidi : Mascara :: ] from their album... "Reflector". Really great band... great song.
(ps. does anyone download these songs?????)

When you have nothing to hide... you tend to assume nobody is looking.
However... when you have been a victim, you tend to think everybody is.
In some ways, our dramatically resilient selves are still possessed by fragile spirits.
Bottom line... be careful how you treat the people that love you.
Love is gift that deserves to be cradled in caring hands, lest it tumble and break.

So I have to wonder... what kind of stupid do you have to be to actually walk towards a large group of people in baghdad? Let alone at a police station in baghdad... !!!!!!
I know the american press is doing a bang up job of under-reporting the car bombs, suicide bombers and otherwise general "exploding everything" in Iraq,
but the fact remains... and every story sounds like "a car bomb exploded beside a group of people assembled outside a police station..."
People... take a clue.

k.. see ya later. :)
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