Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

well the pvr has sure made a difference.
being able to watch The Daily Show... all the time...
never missing the beginning of the 11:00 pm news...
catch our regular shows...when we want.
lovely ... really.

of course... then there's the dark side.
... none stop oprah...
and dr. if-you're-not-down-yet-just-wait Phill.

Why would grown men sit on Oprahs stage and talk about being cheaters
and then deal with their cheated on squeezes...
I mean... on t-freaking-v.

Let alone doing this on dr. hows-that-working-for-you?
big bald dude did that the other day... his wife beside him
his side dish sitting across from him...

Lorne Frick'en Green should ride on in, on these shows...
and brand everyone in sight with a big sizzl'en L on their foreheads.
Raise Haws from the dead to hold 'em all down while the iron does it's good work!

ok... I'm done.

oh... and some random (thanks pixiecup) link sent me to [ :: this web site :: ]
Home of one the webs more unfortunate examples of why pinheads should not be tasked with designing your logo.

night. :)
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