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Thursday, May 5

The god of night laid mother nature something good ... cuz today is pure afterglow. The sun is brilliant... blue sky... things turning green... (that are supposed to be green!) and people have a nice common vibe ... I like! :D

My quest to de-stress the driving ... is going to work. (well, ok... it's only be a day... so I'll be better equipped to have an opinion on this in a month... but I do feel a lot more in touch with the issue. I'm guessing actually admitting an issue to your conscious mind really is a big part of any solution.)

*k... I am officially in the hunt for a new camera... I swear I'm going to go mental trying to figure out which song was playing for the video segments I cap'ed at the garbage concert... Yes... my shitty camera caps video without sound... die pentax die... sigh...

~ black ftls
~ new - but way fricking too long (must hem!) - dk green dockers (and yeah... "dk" ... like you were worried I was gonna wear BRIGHT green pants... bwaahahahaha)
~ a gray t and a two tone tommy sweater
~ sort out life for new team members as bid mania ramps up a notch... (you honestly cannot imagine the stress that is building with the suits)
~ to go back to wally-land and buy another box of those "fruit snacks"... they continue to be my new best friend... I eat my friend every day! :)
~ eating Madras Chicken at lunch... Presidents Choice (brand) frozen Indian entree... oh baby... it's sinus-clearing spicy... :)
~ Survivor... sans Stephanie...(sniff) tonight...
~ video edits...
~ that "The Milkshake song" finds it's way back into the lovely little noodle of one thatthingido... snicker...
~ to send some excited hugs out to caroline75 ... I remember when this career started... I remember a lot actually. It's been an amazing four years for you Caroline... congrats on all of it!!!!!
~ that today somehow calms itself down for bulvai!
~ to point out that all fingers totally crossed for sugar-shack nbbmom as the t's are crossed... i's dotted and the deal put to bed!
~ and to send a few words out to the new mom's on my friends list...
You will make mistakes.
Your baby will get ouches... get sick... be cranky... bump into things and ... generally... be a baby.
And you will love and care and coddle and snuggle and smooch the little goober.
Don't beat yourself up... get off the guilt train before it picks up any speed and remember that baby is an amazingly resilient and strong little person.
All you, or anyone, can ask of you is that you love your baby and try your best.
If those things are not possible... see your doctor. If you have PPD... you are not special.
There's lots of that out there and medical science knows how to help you... but they can't do squat if you sit at home stewing.
However, don't mistake normal guilt over finding parenthood hard for PPD...
It is hard. I know... and you will get a whole lot better at this... I promise.
The best advice I have ever read about being a new parent...
"You cannot possibly give too much love and attention to a new baby."

// Music
[ :: Pixies by The Dust Brothers - Fight Club Soundtrack (awesome!!!) :: ]

// May 9 is VE day... Victory in Europe Day. A Canadian in Holland is a well loved visitor year round but in the run up to May 9th... it's really quite moving. It's interesting how some american politicians, let alone some citizens, criticize Canada and Canadians for not leaping into bed with Georgie Boy when he decided it was time to flex American Might buy blowing up tens of thousands of Iraquis... It begs the question, exactly how many countries on the planet spend a week celebrating their freedom and liberation by flying American flags, singing The Star Spangled Banner, and loving everything about the USA?

// On this day, in 1862, 4,000 mexican soldiers took on a vastly superior force of better trained and better equipped French soldiers and held Mexico against the tide of Napolionic colonialism. American soldiers were given honorable discharges with their uniforms and weapons if they agreed to join the mexican forces... Many years later... thousands of mexicans crossed the boarder to join the US army when Pearl Harbor was attacked.
Cinco De Mayo is a shining example of a celebration born from the good in men and women. Celebrate it! and Viva Mexico.

Peace frog, Blue Sunday.

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