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Tuesday, May 3

(k... he's as big a ham as his old man...)

What a beautiful start to a day!!!
I woke up feeling refreshed and moved through a "morning ritual" with Suz at my side and the kids sorted out perfectly. It's cold... but ... I have a coat... so who cares? The traffic was decent and I managed to get here by 9:00... (weee) and the world just kinda feels ... under control. Which should scare me... because things always go insane when it get all organized... but the thing is... If I worried about that... I'd be wasting the time I have to enjoy things being sorted out so well.

Don't waste the time you have... you'll just end up using the time you don't have to regret things.

~ new blue ftls...
~ dk blue dockers...
~ white-t... and the comfy, never needs ironing, maroon dress shirt with the picky thread knots inside (hence the white-t) & tie...sigh.
~ getting all jiggy with the organization zone for this stage of the bid. Nineteen folders... carefully maintained spread sheets that lay out what's needed for each resource... and hopefully... several "done" check marks, as the next few days tick away...
~ Amazing Race tonight...
~ more time on the video project. :)
~ to smile at barefoot_dyke... just because... :)
~ to send big congrats out to caranya... and she knows why.
~ oh, now I was gonna be sarcastic and crack a few jokes about Kathleen... but ... well, maybe next time... for now... please accept my sincere congratulations for a job well done. Congrats on the graduation and achievement daikan
~ to point out (again) that cottontimer's journal is a really great example of why blogging will take over the world. :) and that's not just corto sugar blowing around. She really does open a window with a wonderful view.

// have a look at [ :: vote for the worst :: ]. Is that some awesome protest or what? hahaha... I laugh at shit like that... that's just priceless. How many people out there actually think American Idol has anything to do with "finding americas idol"??? I mean... first and foremost... it's a vehicle for generating advertisement revenue. Second, it generates telephone system revenue... HUGE... and third... it generates album sales. It may be a total gas to watch... but when I see someone all upset about so-and-so getting tagged to leave or, worse, some slime ball tagged to stay... I gotta laugh. Enjoy the show... and don't forget... that's what it is. It's a show.

// Not really too sure here... but from what I've read on the subject... people really should drop the Jennifer Wilbanks thing like a hot potato. People do stupid things all the time. Every one of us has the ability to hold terror in our hearts and to react to that. Being judged on a national scale because of our personal fuck ups... is just wrong. a) why on earth do you care about her... now that you know she just had cold feet? b) she will be punished enough within the circle of her own family... everybody else should just fuck off and get out of her life. She's a private citizen... not a political figure... not a celebrity of any sort. There's a proverb at play here... something about casting the first stone. ya dig?

// Here's a seriously interesting take on the whole green movement.
The holding pens in the port of Mumbai... (India) fill up with the cars that arrive on container-ships every week. I'm talking hundreds of thousands of cars... month in and month out. The cars are destined for the Indian economy. Their country is only just mechanizing at the consumer level... There are billions of Indians and ... they will all have cars one day. I mean if only a small fraction of the population gets a car... THATS A SHIT LOAD OF CARS. My parents were agog describing this and showing pictures of the cars (from their trip last month) The cars are made by Mercedes, Ford, GM... all the names you'd expect. AND NONE OF THEM HAVE EMMISIONS CONTROL DEVICES. Why? because there is no government mandate to include environmental protection in the vehicles they sell into that economy. Kinda makes your effort to drive a four cylinder car for your commute here at home a bit worthless (ok, not really... everybody should do what they can... but still...). I suppose the Indian government should be blamed... and the United Nations should be pushing stuff like this. But when I read about this... the only thing I could think was "fucking car companies". Big corporations wont do shit unless you threaten to tear them down if they don't... and even then, only if the cost / benefit analysis says it's cheaper than paying a settlement. I hate that. It's the one key thing that seems totally beyond repair about the world we live in. We've let companies become psychotic maniacs and there's very little we can do about it.

The planet is in serious trouble... and while it's been fun to laugh at the green movement for the last 20 years as they hug trees, attack whaling ships, and protest at factories... looking around... I have to admit that whatever we've been doing while ridiculing the greens... has obviously been wrong.


See ya later.
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