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Friday, April 29

ah yes...the psycho smile...

So... I sat on the side of the bed... cbc news drifting through the house from the alarm clock... Edward asleep in his bed... geo and Suz sawing away in the king... and I rolled the words "it's gonna be a good morning" around on my tongue until it tasted right. I'm all proud of myself for getting a handle on this shaving thing (mach 3 ... you are my new best shaving buddy), so I got a good shave, dressed and started waking everybody else up.

Edward managed to blow his top withing a few moments of waking up, because I was dressing him in pants... instead of the shorts he decided to wear. It's 6 degrees out side... and, btw, edward is in shorts. But that was fine... typical morning moment. Then it was "Ok... tv off while we eat" time in the kitchen... Again... small issues but no problem.

It was the coffee... turning away from the sink and stepping towards the coffee corner, reaching for the pot in the coffee maker... and slamming my head into the edge of an open cupboard. Stars and a shooting ouch. I stood there for a second... geo asking in the background... "Dad? dad? you ok???" I swear this week has been cursed. and, ps., I didn't swear or yell or anything... but I did go and clean up the lovely hole in my head... Now I have a wee bit of a thumping thing going on in my noodle. fun eh... ? :D

The sun is shining... a rain free day. It's cool outside but that's ok... the kids will get "outdoor" recess and I wont fear for my life on the drive home... so it's all good. :)

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: wallmart... because I'm mr. fancypants.. (#100 btw!) :: ]
~ blue golf shirt
~ bluenotes sweater... blue with a red stripe... not to be confused with the black sweater with the red stripe... gah... who me? predictable?
~ shit kicker shoes...
~ shaking off this thumping thing going on somewhere inside the right side of my head... fricking cupboards
~ wrap up a week of bid mania with some reports and "gridding" another resume.
~ write about Survivor tonight... (bummer... bummer... bummer about who's off!! grrrrr...)
~ start plotting when I'm going to the movies to see The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy.
~ sort out a computer purchase for a neighbor... I tried the apple core on him... but hes not a real candidate for migration.
~ that I find (when I have time to look) a video segment of "The Early Show" with the latest ex-survivor from this morning...
~ to send some squeezy type moments out to my sweet friend bratt72... for a lot of good reasons... :)
~ for something final to be nailed down, tied up, and shoved out into the bay for nbbmom... I want to sing the bye bye house song with you sugar-shack!!
~ that the little bug living at willedit's house ... finds his little self feeling loads better today...
~ you could hear this tune... a friend here on lj wrote it... cool beans sugar... cool beans...
~ to cross my fingers for today... and tomorrow for that matter... to just be loads better for snarky_angel...
~ and props to jethro... way to bang on that drum yo! :D

// I'd just like to say a big hearty Thank You to the United States of America... for keeping the rampaging hordes at bay for us weeny Canadi'unz.
'cuz... according to mrmateo... The USofA and all their buffet houses... are the only reason I'm not living in an expanded China.
[ :: As he explains here :: ]
... dude I just don't know what we would do without you'all.

// First there is a society.
Then there are public organizations that exist within it.
Leisure, commerce, religion, politics and athletics...
They all exist because there is a society that
supports them. The pay back is that those organizations
must try to respect the rules of society. Private organizations...
not in the public eye... are free to take care of themselves
and write their own private tickets... (or at least, that's
how I see it) but the public organizations have simply got
to accept that they are part of a larger picture. Now ... map
professional hockey over that concept. I could have fucking
screamed when I listened to the radio tell me that Steve
Moore was a pariah in the hockey community because he
supported the legal penalties leveled against his attacker,
that huge dick head Bartoooooozy. The "hockey community"
can go fuck itself in the ass till it's screaming for mercy for
all I care but ... besides my personal opinions... how pathetic
is this? I mean, they were talking about Bartooooz-a-punch
applying for the opportunity to return to pro-hockey???? Dudes...
if you let him back... then your whole "banned for life" thing...
really goes to shit and the already crappy reputation of major
league hockey just gets a little more sick and twisted.
Hockey exists because we let it.
They have rules... fine.
But when the line is crossed... you pay a price in society and
hockey can go to hell. It doesn't matter that the hit was pay back...
the hit crossed the line and he pays the price. If hockey renegs
on that ... they Hockey should really be held accountable by society.

K... work time.
see ya.
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