Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

conversation from earlier today...

c: "guys... if Dr. Phill is on, I want you to change the channel!"
g: "huh? why!?"
c: "parts of your brain will melt if you watch too long..."
e&g: (screams) "ahhhhhh... ok. " click click...
g: "daaaad... really?"
c: "absolutely. You don't want to test this..."
g: "fine..."


~ Nice day... geo seems a lot better. His temp has been stable so it looks like I'll be taking him to his swimming lesson... they (the swimming lessons) start up again tomorrow.

~ We went to visit my brothers new house... he and his main squeeze finally stopped being renters... and there was much rejoicing. :D

~ My units are getting better slowly... but my goodness... I mean slow! It's been three days for my mom to start on the way back from this and my dad seems to be on the other side. Very very nasty flu.

~ If you are feeling remarkably philanthropic* or are just stupid wealthy... I would please like [ :: one of these :: ] . I'll be happy to give out shipping instructions... :D

~ sigh... :D

~ time to play for a bit... :D what ever shall I do in anticipation of that... hmmmmm

* k... spelled that right first time... I deserve a gold star!
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