Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

mid afternoon... lunch has settled in... snack came and went... coffee continues... yet the same mid day CRASH wraps me up in an almost painful desire to crawl under my desk and have a wee snoooze.... ;)

question: What do I need to do to make a Mac play a wmv file...???

The Mac-ification of my universe currently looks like this: my SIL bought the iMac 20", and I'll be talking my MIL into letting me set her up with a iBook (the middle one... they make small, medium, and medium with a superdrive... and I'm thinking medium for her) Then comes my Mom. She needs a computer upgrade huge... and I wanna set her up with a iBook too. I want to put a mac-mini with a 15" lcd in the family room and limit the kids "net" access to that device... so they don't get then internet time tucked away in the basement play area... (that's the daddy in me thinking there). And then... for moi??? I want one of those smallest powerbooks... although I suppose I'd settle for the small iBook... but I think there's a screen resolution thing to gain by going with the powerbook. ( i really like the size, etc...)

My boss got a brand spanking new g-g-g-g-gorgeous Dell like ... a month ago. I was talking with him earlier... and while we were talking... his lap top did the flllick ... blue screen - big white cga letters... and click reboot. I'm like "wow... did you see that?" and he comes back with "yeah... that happens every now and then...."

WTF? Yeah... it's just making me want the ibook even more....

So about that wmv file...
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