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Wednesday, April 20

K... mountains of work... the possibility of significant changes in life... battling a killa cold (snnnnifffff)... did I mention the mountains of work? and my toes are still tippidy tappidy under the desk. I'm in such a good mood it's goofy.

Weather:? it was like balmy south american here yesterday and today? c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cold and rain in the making. The kids left with sweat shirts and jackets!!! Yesterday was short sleeves and short pants... sigh. My guess... Mother Nature is retaining water... it's gonna hit the fan man!

You know... reputation ... can really help you get things done. You just have to know how to work it... and not ... er... over-work it.

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ red golf shirt ... (sadly, it's p-z too...)
~ and a black sweater. :)
~ get to work, shake my sleepy head, grab the phone, and drive twenty five vp's in montreal a little batty with my insistent phone calls. :)
~ bid mania continues...
~ write about AR tonight...
~ check out a new LOST!! :D and, if I remember my previews correctly... wicked good epi of Alias coming up! :)
~ enjoy the night.
~ that my super-girl, macdatty gets some serious fun outta that new car :D :D congrats sugar. :D
~ for an "all is well" moment to come from my friend groovysegue...
~ to send a few more "I hope all is well" vibes off to distortedgirl
~ and to smile a bunch at icicle and make quite wishes for her chances to smile back.

// Wanna make your tongue swell a bit... just say "House Majority Leader Tom DeLay" out loud. What a fucking nimrod. The guy is now lashing out at Fed Judges because they didn't force what's her name's (and I'm trying to remind you that she is just some random, insured, american... - and I know how to spell her last name... unlike Mel Gibson) feeding tube to be re-inserted. [ :: full story :: ] K... Tom... take a clue... she's dead, you're a felon and that ship really sailed ages ago. Try doing actual work for a change you pathetic waste of marginally clean air.

// Italian press, in co-operation with the Vatican, have taken early steps to shore up youthful support for the new Pope. Trying to build a reasonable contrast to the popular medias representation of Joseph Ratzinger as a hard liner, right of center Pope, the traditional golden cross that Pope Benedict XVI now wears was joined by several other golden crosses and the Pontif struck a cliche arms crossed pose for the newspaper caption "Zing Zing is now down with his Bling Bling". A version with him wearing an mp3 player is expected to become a popular street poster.... titled "iPope". Clearly a collectors item.

K... gotsta gotsta gotsta get with busy yo. ar ar ar
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