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Tuesday, April 19

... and if you're a zombie fan... you could click to see [ :: the other picture :: ]... :D (I can't get away with a smiling Geo unless I promise to let him make faces too!! :D)

This has been a busy day... and it's not even lunch yet!! but more on that later.

We're expecting temps to reach 25 today... which basically means Mother Nature is very very happy. It just goes to show ya... it may not be nice to fool mother nature... but giving her multiple orgasms pays off in spades. Go mama go!!!

// from the strange file.
K... you get your partner to bend his or her arm... presenting you with their elbow. You rest your face (yes, I said face) against the elbow so that it is ... sticking directly into your eye... closed eye, of course. As you relax into it... you may get the star pattern or the geometric shape thing that happens behind your eye when you press it... but ... forget all that. If you moan at just the right time... and let your breathing change a bit... you can convince them that you are becoming sexually stimulated by the experience. Now... there may not seem to be any real, let alone implied value to doing that... but trust me. If you can pull it off without laughing, interesting times may be just around the corner. The deep deal here is the way things change when your partner even a little tiny bit begins to think you're getting hot ... because their elbow is in your eye.

~ blue ftls
~ blue dockers (again)
~ maroon shirt and tie... and because this shirt is a bit picky inside... a cotton t under it.
~ appointment first thing in the day... early... gah... 8:15 is early, when there are kids to wake, dress, feed, and get out the door to school.
~ then ... the bosses are all in a panic about that bid thing... so today is Bid Crazy Day ... BCD!!
~ tonight? Amazing Race Night!!!! :D :D;
~ to extend the hands of love and thoughts of care to my friend topazgrrl... she and her family are dealing with a family tragedy... and the support and love of friends... is always a good thing!
~ and to say that Little Miss stephaniekaye is much on my mind as the starting gate looms large in her near future. :)

Sooooo!!!!! The newspapers here are full of stories about a government report that speaks to the notion that there is an alarming increase in violence at Seniors Residences. I'm talking in the order of several hundred percent increase over the last decade. Now that could be the result of increased reporting but the report points to the increased use of psychotropic (sp?????) drugs etc. Well let me tell ya... it's not reporting or the psycho drugs! It's the gaw damn music those people are listening to. All those youth oriented lyrics are pissing them off. "Singing and dancing in the rain"?? Hear that a few times and you're walker starts to look at lot like a good beat stick! Or ... all that elevator music with no lyrics at all... hours and hours of a clarinet blaring in your ears???? You'd be going Rambo on Nurse Betty too! The music they are downloading on the Residence Computers... or the CD's they bring in from the outside!!... they should be labeled. There should be a rating system for this stuff. The problems are bad enough already... we don't want to wait until we have an army of angry elderly in diapers roaming the streets and hanging out at the 7-11 with that music blaring from their boom boxes!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Turn it down, turn it off, or better yet... lets start censoring and labeling that (and I use the word loosely) music!
Where is RIA when you really need them!!! sheesh!

// Vatican City... tribal council... Can you just see Ratzinger (pope wannabe number 1) and that black guy (the great white pope hope) crouched over a little sand pile trying to build a fire really fast... or... the big test slated for later today... Breaking the Ceramic Plate with a blow-dart! Yessiree... there'll be white smoke soon, because baby... you know the tribe will have spoken soon!

K... work time.
La8er sk8er. :)

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